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Windows 7 Password Hack Without Cd or Software

by Adam Smith

Windows 7 password hack

Windows 7 password hack” now is possible without the help of any cd or software. In this article, I will show you “how to reset windows 7 password without disk”.Here I am disclosing you a very simple and quickest method for hack windows 7 admin password. Which trick here I am suggesting you unlock windows 7 password I have applied it to my own and it having 100% success rate to hack admin password windows 7.

reset windows 7 password without disk or USB

On the internet, a lot of various sites are available to reset windows 7 password without disk or USB but all charges few amounts and also they want your bigger engagement with them to windows 7 password hack. To some extent after using those outsource application for unlock windows 7 password you reach at the point of time where you got to know that you have lost your data and you start hunting how to recover deleted files.

I have seen users complaining many of time so I thought to bring you here an authentic simple and quickest method for windows 7 password hack such as without any similar windows 7 password genius software which demands some amount to unlock windows 7 password.

Which trick here I am introducing you this is totally free and hardly it required your smaller engagement for how to hack windows 7 password and also while applying this technique your data never delete. In comparing with others methods this method is safe because here just I am introducing you a simple one more windows function to reset windows 7 password without disk and in a matter of requirement you are not require anything such as command prompt, software or internet to Windows 7 password hack.

So now without making the prolong the session for how to hack windows 7 password lets move to the next paragraph of procedure that how to bypass windows 7 password without cd.

Procedure reset windows 7 passwords without disk

Windows 7 hack password

Here follow each and every single step with their own perspective image. While mentioning each step I have tried to give you full guidance. Make sure bypassing through each step do not over jump any step because here each one has their own importance for hack windows 7 admin password. In case if by mistake if you over jump any step so do not worry just remember what you have done previously along with the file and prepare it as it was and redo the same below process again to unlock windows 7 password.


Windows 7 password hack

  • When display starting windows press and hold power button or press reset to force the system shutdown. Use this method to bring your reset mode windows 7 password.

reset mode windows 7 password

  • Now press launch startup repair to repair your computer.

Windows 7 password hack

  • Now choose the appropriate option as view problem detail.

hack windows 7 admin password

  • You can see below image with the cursor and red underline choose it and click on it.

how to bypass windows 7 password without cd

  • After choosing an above-suggested option a txt file gets open. Now go to click on file and again click on open.

  • After choosing the open option these below similar windows get open and then click on the computer to windows 7 password hack. Here we having the full access of the computer files and folder.

windows 7 password hack

  • Now go to choose your (windows\system32) files and move to next.

  • Now search a file in the name of (ultiman) replace this name with any name such as (ultiman1) and save it.

  • After replacing the name again in same windows find out your cmd file and rename it as ultiman.

  • Go down and click on cancel button.


  • Once you click cancel button these below same new windows get open close it all such as startup repair and startup repair along with the second one. The motive of closing this three windows just you have to restart your windows now.

  • After restarting your windows here you can see a button in the name of easy to access along with red arrow just go there and click on it again.

  • Now a cmd file will open and type it as it (c:\Windows\system32\whoami)

  • Again type (C:\Windows\system32\net user)

  • Retype (C:\Windows\system32\net user *)

  • C:\Windows\system32\net user testwin7 *

  • At last, you can see this cmd windows along with printed msg like (To command completed successfully) to reset windows 7 password without disk and close the cmd windows. Now log on your computer.

reset windows 7 password without disk

Video: Windows 7 Password Hack Without Cd

Above shared all significant information including the step process to hack windows 7 password has been shared here.

Moreover this method I have applied own and also suggested to others which have given 100% satisfactory result.

So if you receive any difficulty to understand above-included step process so must check this shared video to windows 7 password hack.


Crack windows 7 password without any software

  • After opening first-time cmd windows type it as (control userpasswords2).

  • Now click on a username and go down click on (reset password).

  • Now click on ok and close all back windows along with and enjoy.

Conclusion how to reset windows 7  password without disk

I hope this session has sorted out your issues in respect of windows 7 password hack. In this tutorial, I have given you every single brief which I thought of significant to hack windows 7 admin password. In case while following the session if you touch any difficulty so fill free to touch below shared link address.

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