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Why is Truemeds the best online medic app? 

by rahulpandey
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With increased technology, people have shifted to online medic apps for consultation. And covid-19 pandemic has pushed people more towards online medic apps. Now, people suffering from chronic health conditions don’t need to leave their house every time for checkups. They can easily consult their doctors without compromising their comfort on the app.  

Among tonnes of online medic apps, choosing the best medicine delivery app is not hard as it seems. Many online medic apps don’t provide the services they offer initially. Thus, you must understand every service offered by the apps before using them. There are only a few online medic apps that deliver the services to customers they seem to offer. One of them is Truemeds. 

Truemeds is the best medicine delivery app in India. The app supports its customers by providing a reliable environment of health and safety. Truemeds guarantees to reduce the cost of its medicines by up to 72% and supply them from the top 50 medicine manufacturers.  

Truemeds offers convenient online services to its customers including an online medic consultation, discounts, a range of choices, free home delivery, reliable customer service, and easy returns & refunds. 

Why is the online medic best at Truemeds?

  • Registered online medic app:

According to the government, apps have to apply for registration before providing consultation to their customers. But, many apps offer online consultation with doctors even when they are not registered under the government of India. 

Registration ensures that the online medic app is likely to be safe for consultation. It is better to avoid apps that are not registered to conduct online consultation.

The best medicine delivery app of Truemeds is registered under the Registrar of Companies in Kanpur thus is safe for the doctor’s consultation.

  • Certified doctors:

Many apps do not provide consultation with certified doctors or doctors in general. The diagnosis given by these doctors may cause potential harm to the patients. 

  • They may prescribe medicines allergic to the patients without conducting a proper diagnosis. These medicines may harm your body’s metabolism or worsen the condition.
  • They may prescribe habit-forming or psychotic medicines that are unsafe to consume and potentially fatal.

It is your right to be informed about the doctor’s academic details or years of experience.  

Truemeds’ best medicine delivery app has a group of commendable certified doctors with years of experience to support you at every phase of health care. 

  • Free of cost!

Yes, you heard it right! The best medicine delivery app offers consultation with doctors free of cost to its customers. 

In many cases, apps may seem convenient and pocket-friendly to customers but end up charging a way more price than shown earlier. This makes customers skeptical about the apps.  

It is better to read warily before signing up for consultations. And even better if you switch to Truemeds for an online medic at free of cost. 

  • Prescribes affordable medicines:

The doctors at Truemeds helps customers in every possible way. Unlike other apps, the online medic of the best medicine delivery app prescribes substitutes of every medicine, which allows you to buy medicines at your convenience and budget.

If you are still unconvinced, try the best medicine delivery app yourself!

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