by Saloni Singh

Christmas is around the corner, and the market is laden with gifts, food items, cakes, decoration stuff and what not. Shopping for Christmas is a nightmare for many people because of the struggle to find the right piece of goods among the overwhelming options and crowd. There is a lot to do for Christmas. From decorations to gifts, there are many things lined up. Amidst all these things, shopping turned out to be a nightmare and quite exhausting. 

One has to never buy Christmas decoration items like a Christmas wreath, garland, lights, Christmas tree, gifts for friends and family, Christmas cake and the list ends. 

It might be easy to manage between crowds, but it is difficult to choose the right item that is worth the money and is authentic. Shopping consumes a major chunk of time and causes exhaustion as well, and for those who don’t like shopping, it becomes even more difficult.

If you are someone who finds it difficult to shop for Christmas and consider it a nightmare, then here are a few tips and tricks that you can try and enjoy your Christmas Eve with your friends and family. 

Online shopping-

I don’t have to emphasize enough how online shopping has changed the trend of shopping in the past two to three years, especially after the corona pandemic when all the stores and malls were closed, and people were dependent on online shopping for all their needs. Online shopping has lots of benefits if done smartly. It is convenient, safe, easy, hassle-free, and comparatively cheaper than store shopping. You can have a variety of options more than what you get at stores. Apart from that, they provide home delivery which is again safe in terms of virus spread and hassle-free. They provide easy returns according to their policies. Discount coupons and price comparisons among various websites offering the same items are other benefits of online shopping. So this Christmas, instead of opting for the traditional method of shopping, I would recommend that you try online shopping. There are many websites that offer Christmas decoration stuff at a cheaper price. You can also order Christmas cake online from bakeries. 

Handmade gifts-

Shopping for gifts for everyone is a daunting task and quite overwhelming. You can try switching to handmade gifts instead of ready-made gifts for your loved ones. This will save your time and money and also be special for your loved ones. Handmade gifts are always special and preferred to ready-made gifts. Handmade gifts are made out of love and a lot of effort is put into it. If you love baking, then you can bake Christmas cake, cookies, chocolates for your loved ones. You can pack them beautifully and give it to them. They would love to receive something like that from you. You can accompany a handmade card along with it. There are many tutorials available on youtube that teach you to make different kinds of handmade gifts. You can try them as well. 

Cook and bake at home-

Christmas cake is the centre of the attraction on Christmas Day. Everyone rushes to the bakery to buy their favourite flavored cake. You can skip this crowd by baking Christmas cake at home. You can bake your Christmas at home with your favourite ingredients. You can order a cake online also if you don’t like to bake. You can check out various tutorials on youtube to consult for Christmas cake recipes. You can bake Christmas cookies, dry snacks also at home. You can also involve other family members also in this baking process, and this way you will spend quality time together. 

Christmas doesn’t mean that you need to shop a lot and spend your precious time shopping. It is about spending time with family and spreading love around. You can try skipping this shopping nightmare by switching to more convenient options like what I mentioned above. Try to enjoy your Christmas holidays with your friends and family. I hope you liked and found this article helpful. Share this with all those people who find Christmas shopping a nightmare.

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