WhatsApp Plus Apk Free Download Latest Version6.40

WhatsApp Plus Apk Free Download

WhatsApp plus apk free download latest version summary”:- I think you heard about “WhatsApp Plus”.  A few days back WhatsApp plus apk download free latest version has come into the picture. As you know that WhatsApp plus apk is the modified version of WhatsApp. It has a much more wonderful function and the most important part of this WhatsApp plus is that it is developed by advanced programming languages in compare with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus Apk Free Download Latest Version

In my last article, I discussed WhatsApp Gb Apk. When we compare both Apk “WhatsApp Plus” and WhatsApp GB with WhatsApp you will get that both apps are much better than WhatsApp. Here I have uploaded below official WhatsApp Plus Apk free download latest version. This WhatsApp plus Apk has updated version here which I have uploaded to the site.

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WhatsApp plus apk free download latest version Privacy

WhatsApp Plus Apk has launched with much more advanced privacy function, Which has the habit of proving of comfort to their users and it takes your small time to become familiar with WhatsApp Plus Apk. Look below to know more about WhatsApp Plus Apk free privacy features.

  • Hide view status:- You can hide the WhatsApp Plus Apk view status contact if you have seen the last status. Your name will not display.
  • Recording Hide Status:- You can hide recording status for group and contacts both when you record voice.
  • Writing tick hide:- You can hide writing tick for group and contacts both When you type the message.
  • Hide blue ticks:- You can hide blue ticks for contacts and group both When you read the message.
  • Seconds tick hide:- You can hide second ticks for the group and contact both When you delivered the message.
  • Online status hides:- You can hide online status and can use WhatsApp frequently. It shows offline to everyone like not connected.

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WhatsApp plus apk download free features

WhatsApp plus Apk has video calling features and the most important part of this Apk that WhatsApp Plus Apk has advance programming setting which is much better than WhatsApp. WhatsApp plus Apk added a feature like increasing the number of latter of status and has the art of hiding the notification.

The most special features what advance “WhatsApp Plus Apk” has to share large video document with your friends and family members. Once you install WhatsApp plus Apk free on your Android phone it finds automatically your contact for your friends and family member whose contacts number are saved from before into your mobile.

WhatsApp plus apk download Media And File Sharing

When you Start using WhatsApp Plus Apk. you will see that WhatsApp Plus Apk free can send all kinds of the video file, an audio file, Pdf File, Word file and excel file with large size in comparison with WhatsApp Apk.  In below I have described it in details.

  • Camera:- You can share recorded video file and image file in high quality with large size.
  • Document:- You can share any kind of documents such as PDF, TEXT, Docs, and Exe up to 50 MB or more than this.
  • Gallery:- Which latest version WhatsApp Plus Apk you will download from here it can share an image, Video and audio file from Gallery note than 50 Mb, Which is more than in compare with WhatsApp Apk.
  • Location:- This function is the same as WhatsApp but the important thing is that WhatsApp Plus Apk has more clarity and accuracy with high speed.
  • Contact:- At one time you can select and share much more contact frequently.

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WhatsApp plus apk free download latest version Version V6.40

Above almost I have discussed much more about WhatsApp Plus Apk. So now without prolong you explain in below I have shared the link from where you easily can download the WhatsApp Plus Apk free full latest version. Just click on it and download the app and afterword find out the step process that how to install WhatsApp Plus Apk free full latest version.

WhatsApp plus apk free download latest version Version V6.40  Plus Download

Step process to install WhatsApp Plus Apk full latest version

In below I have written each and every important step which is necessary. Make sure that do not skip any step. The installation process of WhatsApp Plus Apk is same as WhatsApp or WhatsApp Gb. Only a few steps are not similar. So be careful and have a look at below images and install WhatsApp Plus Apk on your Android phone. Also, WhatsApp Plus Apk download free latest version to install.

  • Download the WhatsApp Plus Apk free full latest version.
  • Install WhatsApp Plus Apk on your Android phone.

WhatsApp plus Apk download

  • Find out your downloaded WhatsApp Plus Apk File and click on it.

WhatsApp plus Apk free download to install

  • Readout installation information by WhatsApp Plus Apk in this step and click on Install.

WhatsApp plus Apk free download start install

  • Now you can see that the installation process has begun for WhatsApp Plus Apk free full version.

WhatsApp Plus apk installation process begun

Note:- Now the remaining process is the same such as Whatsapp and WhatsApp Plus Apk. Just register your contact no with WhatsApp plus Apk and verify this. Now have fun with WhatsApp Plus full latest version Apk.

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Conclusion for WhatsApp plus apk free download latest version

I think you followed every step in the same way which I have mentioned above. Here I have not prolonged you explain about WhatsApp Plus Apk. In compare with WhatsApp, both WhatsApp Plus Apk and WhatsApp Gb are better.  To make you understand in a positive way I have tried my best and after a lot of experiment here I explain this trick to you.

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