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What to Do if There’s Too Much Noise at Your Hotel

by Saloni Singh

Whether on vacation or traveling for business, a noisy hotel can disrupt your relaxation, state of mind, and focus. 

Here we will go over what to do if there is too much noise in your hotel, so keep reading to find out how to handle this predicament properly. 

Call the front desk

When neighboring guests are causing a commotion, calling the front desk is the quickest way to resolve the issue.

Hotel staff take noise complaints seriously and usually address the situation immediately by sending security or talking to the guests.

Noise-canceling headphones

Sometimes, a nearby room may be too loud for your comfort but isn’t loud enough to warrant a front desk call. If you find yourself in this situation, a pair of noise-canceling headphones can come in handy. 

Noise-canceling headphones can be found in most department stores for as little as $15 and are worth purchasing because they are great for eliminating noise, increasing focus, enhancing your audio experience, and unwinding.

Go out for a while

If you have no obligation to stay inside your hotel, you can avoid loud guests by going out for a while. 

When visiting a new city there is much to see so going out for a few hours to explore museums, restaurants, parks, shopping centers, etc., can be a great way to avoid noise. When you arrive back in your hotel room, the commotion may have settled down enough for you to enjoy your stay.

Talk to the guests directly

If the noise seems innocent such as a high tv volume or children jumping on a bed, you can try addressing the situation directly. 

Most guests would prefer a friendly knock on their door instead of having a confrontation with staff. Therefore, if you are certain the noise isn’t caused by hostility, you can politely request that the guests are conscious of their noise level.

Call the police if you suspect illegal activity

Calling law enforcement may be warranted if you hear crashing, yelling, or riotous activity.

Sounds related to physical altercations, drug abuse, or domestic violence should be reported to police and hotel staff immediately. 

Book a business hotel

When you know that you do not want to risk being bothered by noise on your trip, you can avoid it altogether by staying at a business hotel. 

Business hotels are available to vacationers as well, but the atmosphere is normally quiet since most guests are working or not spending much time in their rooms. 

Additionally, business hotels often provide areas to work in such as conference rooms, business centers, and lobby areas. These community areas are available to all guests and may have computers, phones, free wi-fi, and even books so that everyone has a place to relax or focus. Hotel Engine has many great tips on finding the best business hotel. 

Muffle or drown out the noise

Another way to deal with noisy neighbors in your hotel would be to muffle or drown out the noise.

You can muffle noises by placing blankets, pillows, or towels along the bottom of doors, and you can drown out noises by turning up your television or playing music.

Request a new room

If guests have been asked to quiet down and have not obliged, you can ask the front desk for a different room. 

Most hotels will have vacant rooms available and would be happy to accommodate your request.

Switch hotels

If you have asked the front desk for help, have tried headphones, and attempted to drown out the racket but have not found a solution, you can switch hotels. 

Many hotels have sister or parent hotels nearby that the manager can contact to reserve a new room elsewhere. 

Additionally, if your hotel can not help you find new accommodations, you can request a refund and search for a hotel on your own. It is circumstances like these that make hiring a travel agent worthwhile since they would handle the inconvenience of searching for a hotel that can book a spontaneous reservation.


When your hotel is too loud for you to relax or get work done, there are many options available to you. 

You can ask the receptionist to contact the guests, request a new room, muffle the noise, and more. 

Since all hotels have noisy guests from time to time, you can prepare before your trip by bringing noise-canceling headphones, booking a business hotel, and hiring a travel agent. 

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