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Types Of Incontinence Products

by rahulpandey
Types Of Incontinence Products

Products meant to counter urinary incontinence are coming up with more and more new ideas. These absorbent products are designed to absorb enough urine to keep your skin and clothing protected. Incontinence products help the patients stay comfortable while they perform their daily activities.

But please don’t consider them to be the permanent cure for urinary incontinence. There are several products meant to contain urine loss and maintain the healthy integrity of your skin. Absorbent pads and other such incontinence products play a significant role in fighting the battle against urinary incontinence.

Take a look through the different types of products meant for absorbing urine while protecting your skin.


When discussing products for incontinence, disposable underpads play a massive role in backup protection. Although they aren’t recommended to be used as the sole protection against incontinence, they are pretty helpful.

They are available in different absorbencies. They enable you with protection for the bed and the furniture. You can use them during the general processes and wound care as well.

Fitted Briefs

Typically, moderate to heavy incontinent patients use fitted briefs. Sometimes, they are even used as adult diapers. However, you should know that these are one-piece garments. They may or may not come with elasticised legs.

Usually, their waistbands are adjustable with adhesives, elastic, and hook or loop closures. Fitted briefs are also available with cloth materials or other materials made of plastic that offer additional protection.

Belted Shields

Belted shields are nothing else than pads or liners with an additional feature of an adjustable belt. This belt ensures security and positioning. Available in different absorbencies, patients with light can use these shields to moderate incontinence.

These are typically worn beneath regular underwear and are usually less bulky compared to protective underwear. Additionally, they are easy to wear or change.

Protective Underwear

These are one-piece incontinence underwear. They come with an elastic that is easy to put on or off. They are also called pull-ups. Pull-ups or protective underwear offer different absorbencies to cater to the needs of moderate to heavy incontinence patients. 

This protective underwear can be used during the day and night. And some brands even offer odour control elements.


Usually, the incontinence guards are gender-specific and are meant for men. These absorbent incontinence pads are paired with pads or liners to stay secure underneath the regular underwear or reusable incontinence briefs. 

The light to moderate incontinence patients need such guards for protection. Guards are specifically meant to protect the male anatomy providing them better incontinence protection.


Incontinence pads are designed to enable the users with discrete protection from light to moderate incontinence. They are usually worn with regular underwear or reusable briefs. Pads are available in different absorbencies, and they protect the skin from moisture. 


Incontinence liners are meant to protect moderate and light incontinence patients. They are available in different absorbency and lengths. Usually, the absorbent briefs or protective underwear hold them in place. 

Summing Up

The market for incontinence products has become so diverse and user-friendly that almost everyone is comfortable with using them. Feeling insecure or uncomfortable using these products can be easily overcome, given the need of the hour. However, be particular with your needs as you get them.

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