How To Setup Twitch Alert Sound Free [Latest 2020 update]

Brief of Setup Twitch alert sound free

twitch sound alerts

Beyond Twitch, a function plays a significant role that is known as to setup Twitch alert sound free.  This explained process is quite simple and quite but not as simple that most streamers can set up Twitch sounds alerts their own.

After setting up free Twitch alerts sounds it subscribers have the opportunity to get alerts sound in respect of the donation, Merch, Twitch subscribers, Twitch bits, Prime subscriptions gift, Cloudbot redemptions, Twitch followers, Twitch hosts, Twitch raids.


So these are the above names I have listed that can help to motivate streamers after getting Twitch alerts. Among most of them, maybe you are familiar and may not be familiar.

Thus in below I have explained each method to how to setup Twitch alerts.

So before going in deep let’s first drive the highlight section of the blog post- Twitch alerts obs, where the streamlabs obs plays a significant role to set up their alerts sounds on Twitch.

Highlight of Twitch sound alerts

However, before going in depth we need to understand how important Twitch alerts sounds.

So to make you better understand, I have included some of the focused points that can help you to understand after setting up alerts sound on Twitch what are the benefits? You can get it.


Before associating towards making Twitch alerts sound. Being the beginner or late comers it is significant to have your own Twitch account, which is quite simple and simple. And, in the process of creating Twitch account if you are struggling with some of the undigested steps. 

So have shared a link that can help you to understand How to create Twitch account with their additional information.

And, if you are the edge Twitch streamers and would like to try or test whether how Twitch sounds alerts system works with the additional Twitch account.

So follow the next shared link that can help to create multiple Twitch accounts with the same email id which earlier you have used though to create your older Twitch account.

Now let’s check what are the focused points I have included thought to setup Twitch sounds alerts.

  • With the single Twitch sounds alerts functions, it subscribers have the opportunity to receive an explanation in respect of the donation “Let’s check how to set up a donation button on Twitch”, Merch, Twitch subs, Twitch bits, Prime subscriptions gift, Cloudbot Redemptions, Twitch followers, Twitch hosts, Twitch Raids.
  • After setting up the Twitch alerts sounds frequently can update your Twitch account, as per their own subscribers.
  • To set up twitch alerts sounds it is important to first download and install streamlabs obs, which is freely available on its website. But the configuration process is little different with the sounds alerts Twitch.

So to make it easier Streamlabs obs customization. I have explained below the process in which Twitch sound alerts configuration is included. 

  • Easier to make direct donation transfer into your bank account after enabling donation alert sounds.

So before the passage some of the significant points I have included that after driving down you will understand how the points have covered deep knowledge thought to generate the confidence whether it would go down to drive blog post or not.

What are the requirements thought to enable Twitch alerts sound

Streamlab obs “Open broadcaster software” is the free program that is available on its web platform to download and install.

Begin with the Streamlab Obs downloading and the installation process is quite simple and their customization is opposite of it.

Therefore below I have explained some of the basic demands thought to the customization of Streamlabs obs. So without taking your long time let’s drive.


The Streamlabs obs customization system requirement gets update each after a certain period of the time because Streamlabs obs, very frequently change their system and functions.

  • Streamlab Obs is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. 
  • Compatible with AMD FX series or intel i5 2000- series processor ( Dual or 4- core preferable) or higher DirectX 10 capable graphics card.
  • Minimum 4 GB of Ram(Demands, but not necessary).
  • Need to have your own Twitch account.
  • Your Twitch account must be verified (If you don’t know how to verify your Twitch account, then have shared a link that can help you thought to verify Twitch account, IF HAVE FORGOTTEN ).

How to make a twitch alert sound

Driving the blog post- how to setup twitch alerts?  Top to the bottom-most of the significant points during the explanation we have discussed. Among the included points, it may be that you are familiar with before.

As above earlier I have explained that the downloading and installation process of the Streamlabs OBS is quite simple and quite that does not demand any additional resources thought to do.

But when talking about their configuration. It’s highly complicated, and even myself were not capable to complete their customization without accepting external help from them, who were Twitch streaming before me.


Inside the process, I will let you know how to customize Streamlabs obs alert message- Donation, Merch, Twitch subs, Twitch bits, Prime subscriptions gift, Cloudbot Redemptions, Twitch followers, Twitch hosts, Twitch Raids.

So let’s begin with the customization process of the Streamlabs obs which has divided into three sections.

  1. Download and install to the Streamlab obs.
  2. Create a Twitch account.
  3. Customization of Twitch with Streamlabs OBS.

Now let’s discuss each one by one to set up Twitch alert sound.

Download and install to the Streamlab obs

So to enable Twitch alerts sound very first it is important to go download and install Stramlab OBS from their web which link has included driving.


Make a note the installation process of Streamlab OBS is quite simple and similar to the other windows software. Due to that have not explained their steps.

Create a Twitch account

As the top of the blog post- Make Twitch alerts sounds, I have cleared that to customize your Twitch account sound alerts. It is important to first take initiate thought to create Twitch account which link above has included under how to create Twitch account?

After creating the Twitch account you get a chance to drive next thought to combine Twitch and Streamlab OBS software which has been installed while driving the before the process.


The main complicated process is the next thought to combine Twitch with Streamlab OBS. The Streamlab OBS customization process is totally different from other live broadcasting software.

And customizing Streamlab OBS. It has a variety of functions which after a certain period of time gets an update to make its own functions better that their operator loves to drive to Streamlabs Obs similar to Twitch sound alerts.

Customization of Twitch with Streamlabs OBS

I hope the first two processes successfully you have completed thought to download and install Streamlab OBS with the Twitch account.


In addition, I have shared some of the needful links that may be while completing above both processes you need to drive with their additional information.

So let’s follow what has explained below to customize Twitch account with Streamlabs thought to enable Twitch alerts sounds.


Designing the step process to Twitch alert sound. I have tried my best thought to explain a very simple process to complete your task.

Log in Twitch account

Very first it is important to open your favorite web browser thought to drive Twitch account by typing there on the appropriate place Https:// your login id and password.

Drive Streamlab Obs

Now it is important to open your favorite Twitch streamlab Obs thought to customize. After opening your Streamlab Obs the layout seems like the below descriptive image.

Twitch alert sound

Inside the descriptive image there in meed you can see between the line of the Source a plus (+) symbol available.

So go to click on it thought to customize your Twitch alert sound. Now after clicking on the plus (+) sign you reach on the next step. 

There on the next after clicking on the plus sign you will reach on the Widgets area that is available on beside the Standard.

Twitch alert sound

So inside the descriptive image, you can see that there below the Widgets an Alertbox button available which needs to tab thought to enable your Twitch alert sound.

After clicking on the alertbox a next window gets open. So go to customize as per the own need, and after done there on the top a Test Widgets button available that needs to head over thought to test whether your Twitch alert sounds setting successfully has enabled or not.

Below has uploaded a descriptive image that can help you more thought to understand.

Twitch alert sound


So driving the step process- Twitch alert sounds, above have uploaded some the descriptive image with their significant information that can help you thought to understand in the proper way.

The step process will become very easy while enabling the Twitch sound alert before go to log in your Twitch account and after download and install Streamlab OBS thought to customize the alert sound to make it easy and simple process.

Most frequently asked the question of making a twitch alert sound

Below have included some of the very frequently asked questions on the web engine, which questions have included all are the answer above explained. 

But those who yet have not understood and looked at their answers along with their questions. So below have explained to drive.

So let’s drive each one.

How do I set up sound alerts on twitch?

To set up sound alerts on Twitch, above this question of answer I have explained in depth. So now again just I am including the summary of the Twitch sound alerts system.

However to make Twitch sound alert, it is significant to have your own Twitch account with the Streamlab OBS open-source software. It is explained to be available in three variants Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

So among them, choose anyone what you are operating. After successfully completing their download and installing process further needs to customize its Streamlab Obs software.

Now to the configuration after opening the Streamlab Obs beside the broadcast and button available as source. So go to head over on it, and in the next under the widgets area there you can see a button available as alertbox.

Go to click on it thought to complete your set up. Now after landing inside the alertbox there are a lot of options available. So go to customize and live tests to cross-check whether it has worked or not.


We need to follow these three processes to get complete Twitch sound alerts.

  • Log in to your Twitch account on your favorite web browser.
  • Download and install Streamlab OBs.
  • Head over Streamlab Obs thought to customize with the help of Twitch.

Where do I get twitch alert sounds?

So to get Twitch alert sounds setting you need first to download and install the Streamlab Obs, after installation go to drive it. 

Now on the homepage of the Streamlab Obs, there you can a button available as Source. So head over on it, and inside beside the standard a widgets button is available. 

Below the widgets button there you can see alertbox button available. So click on it to customize.


Tab to open Streamlab Obs > Log in Twitch account > On the home page of the Streamlab Obs a button available called source > beside the source tab on the + sign to add alertbox > under the widgets check first options alertbox “ tab on it to decorate your Twitch alert sound.

Wrap Up sounds for twitch alerts

So driving the blog post top to bottom you will have seen that most of the significant points have explained with their questions.

And all the significant information which been available on the blog post. I have designed from my own experience and others followed by Twitch and Streamlab Obs trusted website.

We all are aware that live streaming has become famous now due to having the opportunity to generate huge amounts of money with Twitch.

However, driving the blog post if you stumbled with any disputed points. So without any behind time connect with the comment box section thought to remove your difficulty.

So keep connected with us to get more latest and trending articles.

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