Tutoring for special needs

Our company ABC has launched one of the outstanding French tutors in Toronto who are skilled and have potential capabilities. All our French tutors have done their Masters from highly recognized universities and are pretty prestigious in their education. The communication level with all the students is well maintained so that no students feel left out. 

We come across students who need help in learning French. They either have difficulty doing their English-based homework, or there is another handful of people who are eager to learn different languages such as French. Thus to accommodate both types of students, we have hired the best French tutors in Toronto who have 100% genuine communication skills. All the teachers are experienced enough to see how they can let the students learn the best. The teachers determine the lesson plan of all the students and let them reschedule the plan. 

How we work?

The process of our working is pretty established and simple. We let the students make the selections and choose the type of tutoring they want.

  • Selection of tutors 

One of the best things we can initially offer the students is that we let them visit and check our website, and later we allow or offer them to select the best tutor for whatever subject they want to. The students are given full authority to choose the tutor they like and the tutor that matches their schedule. 

  • Online or home tutoring services 

We have given the students complete authority to select the mode of tutoring. They can either opt for online tutoring, or the tutors can visit the students at home. Whatever options the student applies for, we work on that. Our criteria are to make sure that our students are satisfied and happy with our teachers’ hard work. 

Apart from all the subjects, we offer tutoring for special needs. Our tutors work on providing extra education and attention to the students. We work on looking into their skills. We help students with dyslexia and with other special needs. We offer different types of tutoring to our kids. We do not maintain any difference or distance between any of the kids. We make sure that all the kids are getting a quality education. Our goal is to establish a healthy relationship with the teachers and the kids.

Types of tutoring 

Tutoring for special needs requires extra attention and smartness. We offer both parts. We let the teachers completely indulge in the kids ready to learn. The tutors make such kids learn out of their shells or comfort zone. Tutors from our agency help the kids, either young or old, learn strategies that might help them become effective learners. We offer education therapists that are further divided into occupational therapists or psychologists. An education therapist will help your child learn and does his homework, but above all, he will work hard to make the kid learn more about skills, or you can say the basics. 

An educational therapist will spend extra time on your child and will work and will evaluate your child’s progress more closely. 

Can tutoring help a student with dyslexia?

If your child is suffering from dyslexia, we offer you both a speech trainer and an educational therapist. Many tutoring agencies don’t have the services to help out kids with dyslexia, but ABC provides all the help they can to help the kids with special needs learn more and more. We try our best to develop the best solution we can to help the kids. 

Contact us 

If you are interested in either learning French or opting for services for your child with special needs, don’t worry. You can contact us any time of the day. Our call representatives are available 24/7 to answer all your questions. Our company ABC is working hard to help the future Toronto kids to flourish. Our country Toronto has already managed to gain the best award for learning abilities, and we being the citizens of Toronto, are doing our best to meet up with the level.  

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