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Tips to Do Well in the Reading Section of the IELTS Exam 

by jhon duncen

During school days, were you one of those students who would fear reading comprehension the most? The thought of reading those difficult passages and trying to find answers from them would send shivers down the spine of many. Reading has always been feared a lot by students. Actually, the majority of them dont have reading habits that’s why they find it so hard. If you aim to score well in your IELTS exam you got to be very well prepared for the reading section.

IELTS exam comprises four different modules- reading, speaking, listening, and writing. You have to prepare yourself very well for all the sections as your band score is calculated from the individual scores achieved in all these 4 sections. Hence you have to devote equal time and hard work to all of them. Are you working hard to get a good band score for the IELTS exam? Do you feel you require more guidance? Well if that’s the case then head out to the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana and avail their expert guidance for your IELTS preparations. 

In this article, we have listed some useful tips to help you do well in the reading section-

Develop reading habits

To do well in anything you need to inculcate the habit to practice it daily. So it’s impossible to improve your reading if you are not habituated to it.  You will not be able to focus on the reading passages then. Hence practice reading every day. Pick out any good English newspaper like The Hindu, The Tribune, etc, and read them thoroughly. Try to invest around 20-30 minutes daily. The majority of these newspapers are available online too. If you wish you can download a pdf of these newspapers and read them on your smartphone itself. 

It’s not mandatory to read newspapers only. You can buy any good novel, magazine, etc, and browse through its content. You need to check your reading speed and see if you are able to process what’s written easily or not. Developing regular reading habits will definitely help you alot and make it easier for you to get a good band score in your IELTS exam.

Skim and scan

The reading passage is filled with many unnecessary details too. Now you have to use this technique of skimming and scanning. Using this you are able to quickly browse through the passage and keep an eye on only the important keywords of the passage. You need to read the questions beforehand so that your mind can find the keywords associated with the answers in the passage.

Skimming-Skimming implies reading the passage very quickly without going too deep into it. You are just trying to get the key idea of what the writer wants to convey.

Scanning-  When you are scanning a passage you are looking for the key facts and information inside it which is required for your answer. You can underline keywords or lines while doing so. In the scanning technique, the reader has a full idea about the kind of information he is looking for.

So use both these techniques carefully when you are attempting any reading passage. Dont worry if you feel it sounds hard. Just keep practicing these techniques and you will easily be able to master them.

Do enough practice

If you wish to excel in something you need to practice it consistently. Practice is the key that is necessary to open the door to success and achievements. Whether it is IELTS or any other exam lack of practice will always hamper your dream to crack the exam. To build confidence for your IELTS exam it’s vital to practice reading passages daily. You can download the reading passages from previous year’s question papers. The Internet is full of resources for the same. Practice plenty of mock test papers to make yourself fully prepared. These mock papers are easily available both online and offline. Keep a target to practice at least 4 passages every day.

Find out your weaknesses

You should be well aware of those areas where you are facing difficulty. Are you unable to read quickly? Is your grammar incorrect? Are you doing it all correct but ending up making silly spelling mistakes? Once you have identified those areas which need improvement you will have to work hard on them.  Overpowering all your weaknesses before the final IELTS exam is crucial to achieving a good band score. Review your performance regularly. If you are unable to find out ways to work on your weaknesses then consider connecting with the Best IELTS institute in Jalandhar. Their expert faculty will help you identify your weaknesses and work on them accordingly.

Increase your vocabulary

You will be asked to find out synonyms, antonyms, one-word substitutions, etc from the passage. Now if your vocabulary will be good it will be a cakewalk to answer such types of questions. But if you are weak in vocabulary then it will be hard for you. So if you are asked to find the synonym of the word ‘paramount’ from the passage now when you dont even know the meaning of this word then it would be highly unlikely that you will be able to find its synomyn. So if you want to avoid losing marks on such questions work very hard on your vocabulary. Be familiar with a wide variety of words, their meaning, etc. Strengthening your vocabulary will help you in other sections too. 


So there is no need to fear the reading section anymore.  Just keep the above tips in mind to ace the reading section of your IELTS exam. Keep practicing regularly.

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