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Time To Hire A Writer Who Can Help Your Small Business Blog

by rahulpandey

Year after year, small businesses are constantly trying different development options and testing those options. One of them is a quality blog. After all, a blog helps convert a user into a purchase, covering various customer fears and concerns and leading advertisers and participants in partner materials to the website.

Why do small businesses need good blogs?

A blog is one of the main ways to communicate with a client, despite the misconception that people don’t like to read. They do not read heaped, visually uncomfortable, and simply uninteresting texts. The use of the site by the client is your dialogue with him and the client’s level of satisfaction with communication with you. Trust in your product starts with a good blog.

How well does your text sell the product you are in? In addition to a blog post, it could be product descriptions or guide texts. The user does not evaluate this on purpose – he subconsciously reacts to your message and either purchases a product/service from you or leaves for another website.

Where can you find a suitable writer?

If you need any specific material for a blog, then you can turn to the world’s largest freelancing platform for scientists. In such places, you will find a medical content writer, a staff journalist, or a person in charge of texts and publications who will prepare an article or extended commentary for you. Such experts can be found, for example, through Kolabtree, the platform where the good responses come from. There is just the right audience – creative and purposeful. 

So, if you need a writer with rich thematic experience (this is most often required in complex topics such as medicine), then you can turn to Kolabtree. Often, profile writers look for permanent full-time jobs there, but many also apply for part-time jobs.

What is essential to include in a job posting?

  1. Adequate pay if you want good quality results. A self-respecting and experienced writer will not write 1000 characters for a couple of cents. The cost always depends on the state of the market and existing offers;
  2. Requirements for the writer, including the ability to work in Google Docs, willingness to make changes, etc.;
  3. Description of your company’s activities. A good writer can write on any topic, but if your field is close and exciting to him, then the texts will come out more profound;
  4. Take out the ability to work with keywords if you are looking for a writer for SEO promotion.

Test task

A test task is a check for a writer that allows your small business to select the most suitable candidate for the job. Since writing as an occupation is becoming more and more popular, many people want to get a job. As a result, competition is getting more challenging, and you as a customer, who pay good money for work, need to be more fastidious.

The only caveat: if you paid for quality content that is worth your money, be prepared to copyright the material. Otherwise, the writer will be able to use it elsewhere.

You hired a writer

After you have hired the writer to your team, introduce him to the internal processes, not only with the product/service but also with how work is arranged. This will allow the person to feel its culture and values. Thanks to this, the texts will correctly convey your brand’s message to the reader. Try to make it convenient to work with you, keep all the necessary documents in one folder where they can see the current tasks and expected payments at any time. The writer should be able to find everything he needs without your participation.

Always keep the writer up to date. If you understand that there will be no tasks shortly, or on the contrary, there will be a huge number of them. Tell him about it to adjust his working time on other projects.

Finally, encourage development. Do not lose sight of the writer’s growth, his attentiveness to your edits, and the ability to not only correct mistakes but not repeat them in the future. The bonus can be monetary and formal (for example, to mark achievements in the general chat).

Filling a website with content and keeping it up to date is a massive layer of work that cannot be done efficiently, devoting a small part of your time to it. Therefore, as soon as you realize that you have the opportunity to hire a good writer, do it, and if you see that the content makes sales, expand the services.

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