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Thoptv Live streaming Android APK free- Tv shows, Web series, Sports (IPL)

by Adam Smith
Thoptv free for live streaming

Thoptv Live streaming Android APK free

Thoptv Live streaming Android APK free

Thoptv live streaming Android apk free now available to download free to watch any of your favorite entertainment live streaming stuff.

On the internet thousand of premium Android live-streaming apps are available among them- Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hotstar are the main.

But these all are paid. And apart from the enrolled name, there are much more available on to the internet, but Is remembering them all possible and subscribing to each of all? 


The downloading and installation process of Thoptv is similar to other android apps. So here, has shared the link download and install Thoptv.

No, The cause of higher subscription cost, when we go to club them all.

However, those who are not aware of What is Thoptv and what it does?

So don’t worry. Here in this blog post- Thoptv Live streaming Android APK free- Movies, Tv shows, Web series, Sports (including IPL), News, Cartoon, and others with radio. I will try my best to included informative information regarding Thoptv.

So let’s focus on What is Thoptv, and what it does?

What is Thoptv, and what it does?

Thoptv is an amazing free Tv live streaming Android apps available on the internet without a subscription. There on the Thoptv, it users have the opportunity to stream free your favorite Tv over 3000+ channels including the (IPL,  Prime movies, Prime Web series, Sports, and Radio).

Now when we are talking about sports- So on the Thoptv, it has separately listed many sports channels. There it users after installation the Thoptv can go to stream live sports without any subscriptions including the IPL, when streaming IPL now not free whereas you go to subscribe Hotstar & Disney.

There on the Thoptv, it streamers have the opportunity to go for subtitles, streaming HD or 4K videos quality, Firesticks & cast, and including radios without buffering.

 And, Thoptv has amazing functionality like to make your favorite list of live streaming Thoptv including available in various regional (Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and others), and international (English, Ration, Chinese, French, and others) languages.

So let’s preview on Thoptv Android apk, and How it performs?

Thoptv Android APK

So on the top has shared a link of Thoptv Android APK visit there to download Thoptv live streaming APK, and do not forget to subscribe Telegram channel.

However, while subscribing to it, you will have more opportunities to interact with the latest informative information.

So here in below Thoptv Android Apps information-

Name of Product- Thoptv

Compatibility- 4.4+

Latest version available- 33.1

Developer- Thopster Athen

Subscription- Free or Open source (Not available Google play store)

Size of APK- 16.3 MB

Categetity- Entertainment


As I have mentioned above that Thoptv Android live Apk not available onto Google Play store. So desired streamers can follow the link to download and install Thoptv Android Apk free for live streaming.

So now let’s talk about what features Thoptv has?

Thoptv features

However in this passage only have included some of the eyecatching significant points to those who are live streamers tv bee.

Hundreds+ sports channel

So here in Thoptv users have the opportunity to free subscribe more than 100 of the sports channel. To make your live streaming better, it has sated its own server to stream live without buffer.

And, the more interesting news, Thoptv has an additional separate sports channel to broadcast IPL(Indian Premier League).

Tv channel 3000+

This is the first time that any Android app has been introduced with such a huge package, where it has arranged more than 3000+ channels including international and local + regional.

And, the interesting news here, it has been separated their group of the channel list. Where users will have the opportunity to get their list of favorite channels lists one place(English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannad, Tamil, Bangali, Spanish, French, Chinese, and others).

Indian channel 500+ (Regional languages)

After completed your Thoptv installation on first home preview it users have the opportunity to view more than 500+ regional channels where their channel available onto various languages like (Hindi, Tamil, Kannad, or others).

And, theses listed channels are available with their subtitled, and in dual languages. So there Thoptv Android users have an outstanding choice.

Hd and 4K live tv streaming

However, when we come about video quality. So all Thoptv Android apps video quality available into various formate. Among them Hd and 4K main, and also, some more quality are available like- MKV, AVG, 3GP, in various sizes.

So users can go to prefer their video formate. And, choosing their video formate mainly depends upon their mobile data that how much they can go to spend to stream live tv. 

Prepare favorite channel list 

Thoptv users also have the opportunity to prepare their favorite channel list, where they go to live stream their favorite channel.

And, it is not restricted that it users only can prepare the list of their favorite channels from one Thoptv channel group, but can go pick up their channel from various group thought after collecting all of them can go to combine all of them to make an own single favorite live stream group.

So this Thoptv function helps it to reach on the next level, and due to this Thoptv becomes streamers favorite live streaming Android apps.

And, another side Thoptv available for various platforms, among them- Windows, Mac, iPhone, or others are also listed.

Easy user interface

Thoptv users interface quite easy and quick, where it users after the installation on the first view of the home screen can see a various group of a listed channel with a various name. Among them, Regional, International, Radio, Sports, News, and cartoon.

However, the second side of the Thoptv, when it streamers go to stream their channel. So there on the video streaming screen, users have the opportunity to configure various quick functions like subtitle & video quality(HD and 4K) are main. 

Subtitle opportunity

The subtitle is the main focus function of the Thoptv. And, configuring video with subtitles is a very simple and quick process available in various languages. Like Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannad, Telugu, and Bengali.

However, driving the blog post- Live tv free on Thoptv, we have talked a little more about subtitles. So let’s move out the subtitle to discuss next.

Free or Open source subscription

Thoptv is free of cost, and for now, it is registered as open-source Android apps. For your kind, here I need to inform you that Thoptv is not enrolled in the Google Play store. 

So inform you here, that below has shared a link to go to download Thoptv available in near about 16 Mb size with it’s the latest version.

Customer support chat

However, driving the blog post from top-bottom, if you connect with any disputes like video’s buffering or any listed Thoptv inbuilt functions not working properly. So without any delay there on the home screen an option available thought to go for live support.

And, 99% time, I have seen that Thoptv customer care and tech support team helps you without any delay. So let’s try Thoptv and stream your favorite channel.


So above have included most of the significant eyecatching points that those could give higher satisfaction. And all here listed significant information has been shared from my own experience. 

Now let’s drive how to operate Thoptv to download & install to your Android phone?

How to install Thoptv to your Android phone

Downloading & installing Thoptv is quite simple and quick. Before introducing Thoptv to Android phone, I have applied for my own and it has given 100% satisfactory result to live tv streaming.

However, the process of Thoptv installation is similar to any other Android apps. 

There only a single difference available thought to install Thoptv from an unknown source due to not available onto Google play store including others’ plays store. 

So let’s preview how to download and install Thoptv to your Android phone?

Here, to install Thoptv, very first go to download from its available link. After completed its downloading process goes to visit their file location.

Now tab on its file to the begun installation process. Simply like other Android apps go to install Thoptv.

Thus, after completed their installation process goes to have its first view. So while viewing it first view now it asks you to register with your mobile number to generate OTP.

After generating their OTP, it accepts without typing there on the appropriate box.

Hence, now you can go to prepare your own Thoptv favorite live streaming channel list.

Video to download and install Thoptv

Below, with the help of video, I have made you available on how to download and install Thoptv. And, the video installation process similar to the above-listed step process.

Hence watching the step process, you will have confidence that how nicely Thoptv supports your Android phone.

So let’s check the video to download & install Thoptv.


Conclusion Thoptv Live streaming Android APK free

So composing the blog post from top to bottom, I have submitted most of all significant information, which was needed to include.

And, this all information, I have experienced from my own and only a few have picked up from other trusted resources.

However, due to having its amazing inbuilt functions. Thoptv has received awesome reviews and ratings.

Kindly driving the blog post from top to bottom, if you associate with any disputes. So without having any doubt go to connect with the comment box section thought to remove your dilemma.

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