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How to start live streaming on Twitch? Let’s be live game streaming

by Adam Smith
start live streaming on Twitch

Live streaming on Twitch

live streaming on Twitch

If you love to stream game or music or dance, anything that can go live. So now we have the opportunity to become popular and reach in between your group thought to improve your performance and, if there is a chance thought to make money after streaming live then why not acknowledge and, familiar with how to start live streaming on Twitch free with the help of Streamlabs OBS.

However, before going in deep let’s first check What going to cover blog post- Live streaming on Twitch?

Highlight- How to start live streaming on Twitch

Here have included some of the legitimate points that can preview about the blog post that what has covered and, will prescribe you to decide whether should drive the blog post or not.

  1. Prescribed to download and install Streamlabs OBS, which is freely available on its web platform.
  2. Easy setup Streamlabs OBS, each step below, has included under the how to set up Streamlabs OBS?


So this blog post is very useful for them, who are willing to live streaming on their loving platform Streamlabs OBS.

Make a note that which two points above have included. This blog post circulates surrounding. 

Let’s drive the blog post in detail thought to live stream on Twitch to set up Streamlabs OBS.

Brief of Twitch set up Streamlabs OBS

Those who are new and, not familiar with Twitch along with Streamlabs OBS. So for them, this blog post is perfect and, those are familiar with Twitch. So direct jump to the step process of How to setup Streamlabs OBS?

Twitch is the open-source website that well developed and supported for Android and Pc both. It is similar to any of the screen sharing software but, there is a difference that it does not have restriction about the numbers of viewers that are watching to your channel.

There are many features available on its web platform along with Streamlabs OBS that its streamers can go and, have live streaming thought game, music, dance, many more which love to share with others to be famous.

And, those who are hunting an opportunity thought to make money while further carrying their hobby. Like the streaming live game on Streamlabs OBS.

There are streamers who don’t know that they also have a nice opportunity thought streaming games on their Facebook and, Youtube also.


As above have included a point that is how to make online money after streaming on Twitch?

So those who are interested and are not aware of how to set up a donation button on Twitch? Then under the donations button on Twitch has shared a link. 

That link carrying a higher amount of Twitch information including Youtube and Facebook.

Hence drive the link to set up Twitch donations button.

Let’s familiar with some name of Twitch inbuilt functions that are the ideal condition to its live streamers.

Twitch inbuilt functions

Twitch mainly has focused on its measure two separate parts but both are associating together with having the for away with each other.

So let’s point out each one.

  • Twitch is known for its open-source platform but its premium version also, available on its web platform.
  • Those who have decided to go- game live streaming for them, Streamlabs obs simultaneously important like having pc or Android phone on its own operating system.
  • Without associating with external environment Twitch streamers have the opportunity to set up donation button.
  • In the case of Twitch streamers, if would like to drive their multiple Twitch accounts just by carrying their single email id. So it’s possible without enabling the disposable email id.


Those who are interested thought to learn that is how to make a disposable email id. So follow the shared link.

Also, some of the additional information also, available there which you would like to drive.

  • Opportunity is available to have a live chat, cheering a variety of emotes.


So above have included some of the significant points to those are specially latecomers. And, each points carrying their significant links that are covering the useful additional information with their self.

However, without making the blog post monster let’s move forward to the topic step process thought to set up the Streamlabs OBS to live streaming together to make money online that fund direct can get a transfer into your bank account with the help of Paypal.

Those who don’t know how to create a Paypal account? So drive link to acknowledge.

How to start live streaming on Twitch

This process thought to set up Streamlabs OBS to live game streaming is quite simple and quite that don’t desire to dig harder.

But on the second side also it’s true that without helping with text or video it is not possible to setup Streamlab OBS for live streaming.

On the internet variety of streaming software are available that are claiming to be best but, in most cases, only a few are up to the mark and, best that is well configured with Youtube and Facebook.

In the best one Twitch and Streamlab OBS, now both have become the part of each other. And significantly Streamlab OBS software available for free with their small size that can help while downloading and installing in a shorter time.

So first lets each step one by one.

Streamlabs OBS Download

This is the initial step thought to download Streamlabs OBS. So first, visit on the shared link Streamlabs OBS to download the setup file. The setup file is all about 240 MB. So on the home screen, a self suggested downloading button available goes to click on and, begin your downloading process.


Streamlabs OBS well supported on various platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Android. So as per the own system go to download its setup file.

And besides the installation process on its every platform quite similar. So below not including the how to install the Streamlabs OBS but, its installation process available on its shared video.

So can drive to decide to watch the Youtube shared video.

At the same time, it is significant to have your own Twitch account. If having any dispute thought about how to create a Twitch account. So follow the shared link.

Log in your Twitch account

After completed your Streamlabs OBS installation for live streaming, you can’t deny logging in your own Twitch account. 

Because without login your Twitch account you can’t further be procced. So after Twitch login move for proper action.

Stream any game

This is important to first stream any pc game before driving the Streamlabs OBS. So now the time has come what needs done thought live streaming on Twitch?

  1. Start any pc game.
  2. In second, go to click on Streamlabs OBS to open it.

The first preview of the Streamlabs OBS

Below has included a descriptive image that carrying legitimate information about the first look of the Streamlabs OBS that how it looks.

start live streaming on Twitch
start live streaming on Twitch

So being as fresser am not including here many more points that after the experience you can design the Streamlabs OBS as per the own desire.

There are three steps for Streamlabs OBS.

  • Borderline:- Under the borderline just goes to create a new scene.
  • Sources:- So this is the crucial and significant part of the Streamlabs OBS that there are multiple configuration functions that are available to configure. Among them, only a few are including here.
    • Display capture:- Under the display capture go to adjust your pc or laptop display size according to available parameters.
    • Windows capture:- After selecting the windows capture there are two function buttons are available.
      • Window:- Select the screen with which window screen decided to go live. On your window pc if any applications are open. So it appears under this Window button to make live.
      • Window match priority:- There are functions that are available among them, can go to select anyone.
    • Game capture:- Similar to before one it also has two configuration buttons to set up Streamlabs OBS thought to live game streaming. Among them, the first one is-
      • Mode:- Under the mode go to Auto. This is well optimized with every system.
      • Hook Rate:- It totally depends upon what internet speed you are carrying. So according to that choose anyone but the most preferred is Normal.
  • Mixer:- Mixer is compatible with your sound system that what sound quality looking for. It is available on my shared video. So better to watch the video that can be more helpful to reach in the last.

Video to Twitch live Streaming 

So to make you more comfortable below have shared some of the Youtube video links. But make a note that these videos were before available on Youtube.

And while driving the blog post I found them relevant. So thought to include them inside the blog post- how to start live streaming on Twitch.

Wrap up Twitch live Streaming 

Above driving the blog post- How to set up live streaming on Twitch with the help of Streamlab OBS. I have included most of all significant points which been collected my own.

Ans also have shared some of the significant links that are helpful to associate with some meaningful additional information regarding the Twitch and Streamlabs OBS.

While driving the blog post top to bottom if you connect with and disputed points. So without any delay reach on the below connect section.

There on the comment box what problem while understanding the blog post you have just noted down and submit to get proper revert.

Keep connected with us thought to get a more trending article.

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