Sitting Too Long can Kill You, Even if You Exercise

Sitting too long can kill you, even if you exercise

Too much spending time in a chair could shorten our lives, if we exercise, even then also, the researcher discussed the link between lengthy sitting time and death among middle-aged.

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Hopefully, the researcher also suggests that we can reduce our risk of “death in middle age” just by taking steps every half-hour or so. Today it can play a very vital role in our live life. Also, read What’s the purpose of education in the 21st centuryThe human being preferring more sitting work on a signal place, just because of making their own white collar, and also those who are working for not white collar, they are suffering from ignorance society.

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But most of these studies have relied on people’s memories that how they spend their time to work on the daily basis. So new studies published this week in Annals of Internal Medicine, scientists from Columbia University in New York City any others turn to that desk. You may like how to become a successful entrepreneur and business ownerIn African-American men and woman 45 or older who were part of a study of stroke risk.

If you are good in statistics so you have heard about the correlations. Scientist used these statistical correlations between sitting and mortality. The man and woman, who sit longer in one place, according to their accelerator data, had the highest risk for early death.

Stretching Up Every Half An Hour Could Reduce Risk


It happy to say you that the various diseases, including obesity, diabetes and heart disease can because of sitting in one place and working for a longer time. Now you can avoid this disease just because of avoiding yourself to sitting longer on the place, just stretch yourself each after 30 minutes, and you will not hold your head and body. Once you start stretching yourself each after 30 minutes, compare your work performance from previous to now, you can see your mind boom and start work faster.

However, It cannot prove that too much sitting undermines health, only that the cause of early death.

But, consider setting an alert on your phone or computer to ping every half-hour, and remind you that now would be a good time to get up and move.

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