Rugs Dubai – Should Runners Match Area Rugs?

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A well-chosen runner can transform a bland hallway into a glamorous space, making your guests feel like they’re walking on the red carpet. However, matching runner and area rug styles can be tricky. This article will provide tips for selecting a patterned stair runner and a neutral patterned runner. It is also helpful to consider the size and style of your hallway’s underlying area rug.

Tips to choose area rugs and runners

  • When selecting area rugs and runners, keep in mind that they should complement each other, and complement the color of your couch and carpeting. You may choose to choose a runner that’s a bit wider than the area rug, or you can pick one with a pattern different from the area rug. In either case, it’s important to choose a runner that won’t overpower the rug. As long as the runner is not too bright, it will blend in with the rug, and it will add a more cohesive look to your room.
  • If you have a valuable area rug, make sure that the runner matches the rug in value and quality. The latter is more important for high-end rugs in Dubai
    because they’ll look out of place next to cheap runner. The same goes for a high-quality area rug. A good quality runner will blend in well with a high-end area rug, but it doesn’t make sense to choose the exact same pair.
  • If your runner and area rug match, it’s more than obvious. A solid color will look good with an otherwise monochromatic room. A colorful kitchen floor is more appealing than a dark one. A bright runner and area rug should be complimentary to each other. The distance between the rugs will also help unify the room. If you’re choosing a runner and an area rug, make sure the colors and textures are similar.
  • The color and style of your runner should complement the color and texture of the area rug. A carpet runner should complement an area rug that is complementary to it. A runner can be a focal point in a room. If you have an open floor plan, you should try to stick with a simple color scheme. You’ll be glad you did. If you’re not sure how to match the colors of your rugs and runners, you can refer to Popular Area Rug Patterns to get an idea of the colors that match each other.
  • A runner should be the same color as the area rug. You can have a different rug for each room and combine them to get the desired effect. A good runner should match the area rug. Using a striped runner will make a hallway look bigger. A lower-pile runner is easier to clean than a high-pile one. This rule also applies to a striped a patterned runner.
  • Runners should match your area rug. It’s not necessary to match the runner with the area rug. It can serve as a visual separation. A runner should not be bigger than the area rug. A large runner should be at least 3/4 the size of the hallway. A smaller anyway divider will be impossible to achieve. If the runner is shorter, it is better to go with a larger runner.
  • In contrast, a soft runner can be used in an open doorway. You don’t need to match the runner with the area rug, but you can try to coordinate the colors. A runner should not be the same color as the carpet and the rugs should complement each other. If you have a soft carpet, the runner should match the colors of the carpet and the flooring. It is also important to choose the right size for the runner.


If you have a wall-to-wall carpet, the runner should match the color of the carpet. If the two are different, you should choose a runner that complements the color of the wall-to-wall carpet. For example, you can choose a runner that matches the color of the wall-to-wall. You should also consider the size of the room in which you’ll use the runner.

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