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How To Share Google Drive Folder Along With Large Files

by Adam Smith
Share google drive

Share google drive folder

To “share google drive folder in this tutorial I am going to compose a simple and quickest method. On the internet, various of data storage sites are available which claims to store and share large files safer an accessible mode. In 99% cases, those service providers believe to charge some large amounts but in most of the cases, it doesn’t give the satisfied result.

share google drive file

So now, to share google drive files in compare with others paid sites Google is the best way to share a large file. I must inform you that to store and share google drive files are totally free till the 15en GB or if you are looking more than this then you must go for pro version to share google drive file and it is safe in comparison with any others service providers. As internet users well aware that Google is dealing in various sectors with most are not aware of each one by service. Here I have to share every single information in detail regarding google drive pro version to share google drive folder with Gmail users also. So look at below after the paragraph.

how to share google drive

Share google drive folder is one of the best service providing among. Hence in this session, I am going to introduce you how to share google drive folder along with large files. To keep safer and storing data I also use google drive along with 100% success rate and with others also I am listed in the list of submitting positive attitude to the how to share drive files. Because while using the google drive users can store and share any types of data such as software or application .exe files, video, pdf or others.

Procedure for how to share google drive folder and files

As everyone has heard the name of Google. Where google drive has launched this service on 24 April 2012. So here in this passage which simple method I am suggesting you, this is so simple and quickest to how to share a large file with someone. Make sure to share google drive folder here follow each step very carefully. In case if you overjump any single step so redo the same process again to share google drive files.

  • Create Gmail account.
  • Go in right-hand side and click to google apps.
  • After clicking the google apps you need to find out drive button and click it.
  • Once your google drive gets open just drag and drops your files which you want to save to share google drive folder.
  • Now right click your mouse button> +share >> Anyone with the link can view (make the setting as per your requirement) >>> Advance (find out advance button and also make the appropriate setting as per your choice).
  • Now from top copy link (Link to share) and share google drive folder.

So now you have done with the process. In case you skipped any process so redo the same process again. This is the best way to share a large file. Once you become familiar with the google drive you will reach to make a lot of settings for it.

Final comment how to share google drive folder

In this session, I have tried to introduce you a very interesting common useful trick. This method you can trie to keep secure your any large and small document such as video, application.exe files or pdf which without your permission no one can access. In case following the method if you touch any difficulty then reach to me following below shared link.

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