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Remove chinese default apps from chinese Android phone

by Adam Smith
Remove chinese default apps

Remove chinese default apps

Remove chinese default apps

If you are frustrated, think of how to remove the default chinese apps from your android phone which you get pre-installed while you bought your new chinese android phone.

So in this blog post, I have suggested some of the external apps that need to install into your laptop or pc which will help you to remove Chinese android apps from your Android phone.

Here now you will have understood that to uninstall your pre-installed Chinese apps from your android phone you need to stick with some system apps which is safe because it’s been checked by me.

Before going in deep let’s talk about “why need to uninstall pre-installed Chinese apps from your android phone”.

Cause why to remove Chinese apps from android

There are hundreds of factors available inside the story that why to remove Chinese apps. Among them some have shortlisted for, keeping in mind that those are highly significant to understand for purpose.

  • As globally, we all spent our maximum time with our Android phone, why this is the gadget which we hold in our hand the whole day?

It’s s not matter, what we do and when. And when our society moving towards the digital era, where we get done our 90% work with this single Android phone.

So when we heard that Android phones are not secure, and thousands of the malware Android apps available onto the Internet. So why not move to keep a safe own electronic partner.

And, now we have that Android Chinese apps are not safe because of their policy not matching with themself judgments.

So why threatening to self, when the matter comes to our security.

  • Every time while buying new Chinese smartphones, you will have that there are 100 of preinstalled application are accessible inside the phone.

And, even we are not familiar with most of them that what is the role and work all do.

So removing them keeping out site unusual things from their phone is better. Due to this, we can make our phone handier or useful, and more secure.

  • Most of us are heavy savvy of the android phone. So in this not removing unnecessary preinstalled Chinese Android can harm and put down the performance of your phone.

And due to not uninstalling these apps can help to mismanage your android ram storage and data storage. Must check name of data stealing android apps.

In additional languages, it can assist to get down your phone performance like speed and others. So let’s check how to improve your Android speed. This is an another additional method.

So above have included some of the significant information, why it is necessary to remove them.

Some of them still will have the dilemma that removing those Android preinstalled Chinese apps are safe to our Android operating system.

So the Answer comes here- yes, it is 100% because it’s been provided by themselves.

And, below have referred some of the video links. Visit there and live to check how adequately have achieved their task.

The videos are available after the step process on how to remove Chinese apps from an Android phone.

What need to have to uninstall Chinese android apps

There are very nominal and small requests thought to remove Chinese apps. Among them are listed-

  • Laptop or computer.
  • Date cable.
  • Internet to install suggested android apps.
  • Need to enable android developer mode.

So these are some basic needs that can help you to fix your uninstallation issues thought to remove Chinese android apps from your new phone.


Not only Chinese apps you can remove but can remove any of android apps from any of your android devices but the matter of concern is that you need to have compatible software, which is easily available onto the Internet. Just need to type their android phone brand name to get the software.

How to remove Android chinese apps from your smartphone

To remove default Chinese apps from Chinese Android phone is quite simple and quick that does not need your hard effort. 

And, the most significant thing before i have tried it to remove Chinese default apps from my own android phone and it has worked very fine.

Not only me but have also others who are applying the same platform thought to remove Chinese apps from their android. 

So here, not I or You, who are applying this method.

As for now, this is the only single method that by going throw you will be able to get over from such undesirable android apps.

And, to make you more confident hereafter the step process- how to remove default Chinese apps from the Android phone steps process. I have included some of the helpful videos.

You need to be clear that not all videos are recorded by me and my team.


Keep in mind that, while passing out the step process do not skip any step thought doing such things may your work not arrange properly. To attend it as available there.

Enable developer mode

There are 100 types thought to enable developer mode on your Android phone. Thus who are not aware of how to enable developer mode in their Android phone. So here I have introduced you to a quite simple method.

Need to visit your Android phone setting section. There inside the top of the about section, you will be able to view your MIUI version. So go to the tab on some of the repeated 7 types till a pop up doesn’t appear that developer mode has enabled.

Turn on USB debugging

Now again go back to your Android phone settings section home page, and scroll down to view Additional settings. So tab there to visit inside to enable USB debugging.

Now tab USB Debugging thought to enable.

Download file

Here in below, I have uploaded two configuration files that need download. Both file sizes are quite small. So download them.


After successfully downloading both files, visit their location to install. Tab on any configuration file thought to begin the installation process.


It is not pre-decided about installing any one file first. So choose any of them.

Connect your phone with pc

Now go to connect your Android phone with pc to remove Android Chinese apps from your Android phone. After inserting the USB cable you will receive a notification popup. So make enable their USB debugging and get agree.

After completing this process. Look at your PC to open your installed apps in the name of XiaomiADB. 

To configure this pc software with your phone hardly takes minutes to show you all pre-installed android apps.

To remove them all which you don’t fill comfortable with.


Make a note, if you are not aware of any android apps that what particular android apps participate. So don’t remove it until you aren’t sure about their configuration and functionality.

Safely remove and restart your phone

So after completing the process go to safely disconnect your Android phone from PC, and restart your phone.

Video to remove default Chinese apps from Android phone

Here below, I have shared some of the useful videos that show how to remove default Chinese apps from your Android phone.

In the videos below, it is visible from beginning to end what process you need to follow to remove Chinese apps.

And other sides of videos help you to gain confidence How the process performs.

Conclusion default Chinese apps remove

So above driving the blog post, I have submitted most of all essential points that can be helpful to you while removing the android Chinese apps.

Before composing the blog post, I have experienced my own how the process works and also can get some of the verified information here by visiting the link.

And, after 100% satisfaction, I am presenting How to remove Chinese Android apps.

Thus driving the blog post from top to button if you connect with any dispute. So without taking your longer time go down to the comment box section to get a quick response.

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