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How do I Retrieve my Contacts from my Google Account

by Adam Smith

How to Recover Lost Google Contacts

How to Recover Lost Google Contacts“:-Google play a very vital role when it comes to storing your all contacts of your friends and business associates. But many time accidentally users deletes their contact data and later got to know that they have been deleted the google account contact detail and they struggle a lot to Recover Lost Google Contacts details. So now the question comes that How do I retrieve my contacts from my google contact’.

On internet various types of applications are available and amoung of them most of paid and only a few are unpaid, Who claims to recover lost google contacts but in many cases, It has seen that those applications  theft users data and use to rough it into the market to generate sells or use to do many different works from it. To avoid such an activity here going to introduced by a simple and quickest method which is tested many times to restore old google contacts.

First, to make google contacts backup users have to restore google contacts. To do so users are not required to outsourced any application to recover lost google contacts. Every single function Google has loaded self. Just the matters here users have to become familiar with it to How do I retrieve my contacts from my google contact.

So now without making the prolonged session below have introduced few simple steps to restore google contacts.

Step process to How to Recover Lost Google Contacts

After the passage which process I have introduced you make sure do not over jump any single steps because each step have they’re important to deliver healthy result in term of recover lost google contacts. In case by mistake if you over jump any of step so try to repeat the same process again to recover old google contact.

Step 1:- Just open your Gmail with the same Id in which you stored your google contact earlier. In new tab open a Google Contact you will see a window appear front of you.

Step 2:- After opening the website just see on left side of the menu you will get an option “More” click it.

Step 3:- Now you need to choose your time that from which date and time onward looking to store your Google Contact. While selecting the time you need to very careful to recover “Google Contact”.


Step 4:- Just recover your google contact.

Step 5:- After recovering your Google Contact lets check your contact has it come or not. If it has come then open your contact list and filter the contact data. If it is correct to leave it and end your process.

Otherwise, if you have some bubble in your mind that some contact you are missing because of wrong date selection so no need to worry just give some more time to it and repeat all same process again and select a right date to recover your Google account. Check your Google Contact now.

After completing all this process just check your Google Contact and will get it recovered.

Final comments on How do I retrieve my contacts from my google contact

Finally, we have reached the deadline of the session google contact backup. Which process above I have suggested it is simple and quickest. Above process does not aspects your bigger engagement with it and it having the 100% success rate because I have applied the same process for self to recover lost google contacts.

In case while following the session the if you having the doubt related to restore google contacts. So let me know by below comment box or you can directly contact me on shared contact details.

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