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Recover Permanently Deleted Files/Folder in Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista

by Adam Smith

Some people like to use “Shift and delete” to remove junk file from their Computer or PC, and others have the habit to keep clean their “recycle been” folder.  And Sometimes, People accidentally delete their important folder or file from their pc and laptop. Once people got to know that they have accidentally deleted their important file.  

So Suddenly a question comes into their mind that how to bring those file and what is the safer method need to apply, which can help to recover those deleted file and suddenly we turned into the internet to search those recovery methods to bring back our deleted data. And, we received some methods, but we need to be very careful while applying those methods, because those can harm our important data.

Recover deleted file

Here we have some sort of safer methods, which will help you to bring back your deleted data.

Recover permanently deleted files/folders from Previous Versions in Windows

First of all, I would like to introduce a free and safer method to recover your deleted file without having a software, Here you are not required to outsource any software and not at all any lounges. When you accidentally delete some important file from your computer by using “Shift and Delete” button, so you can retrieve those file by remembering the name of a deleted file or folder. Here we will show you how to recover those accidentally deleted file and folder.

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  • Firstly you need to create a new file on your desktop in the name of the deleted file.
  • Which folder you have created, just click on right button and choose Restore previous versions. Here windows search the permanently deleted file or folder.


  • Now your file or folder will appear, just choose the latest one and “Restore” it.

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Final comment Recover Permanently Deleted Files

In this article of “Recover permanently deleted files,” I have covered all the important information, Which is required. And with all possible, I have tried to make this tutorial simpler and sorter. Here, this current tricks recover permanently deleted files” and I have applied so many time for my self, and to few of them, I have suggested. Applying this method has delivered me a 100% success rate with minimum resources.

In case of having dought, let me inform by below comment box that I can get some more alternate if this method does not help you.

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