What’s the purpose of education in the 21st century

Purpose of education in the 21st century

Are you being educated? Your parents send you to school and college. You attend class and learn a lot of things. You learn English, math, science and more other subjects. Now the question comes that What’s the purpose of education in the 21st century?

What's the purpose of education in the 21st century


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Is your purpose is just passing the exams, scoring more to getting a degree and come into higher rank? If this is your purpose of education in the 21st century so that you should ask a question from yourself that what you have learned so far? You will a get a quick answer nothing.

Now the question comes that is this your fault or rather than the major fault of the whole education system the way they build their syllabus. Once you ask this question to student defiantly answer will come subject are not interesting.

Being human its confirm that the world is being educated. Now, why being educated just because to fit into the public and social-economical corridor standing around yourself where you live, to be sucked that is has been following of thousands of the year back, is the education what we understood totally different or the entire meaning of education is different.


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You can entirely different being human with a different quality of life if you understand the real meaning of educational purpose. So it will help you to live life longer in the 21st century and will help you collect more knowledge passing day by day.

Real education means your mind, human mind not only capable of being excellent in geography, match’s, social science etc, but also under any circumstances, it must act to make a better understanding about your requirement and social requirement.

Not the point is if your requirement and social requirement have matched and worked together, so obviously, you have a better understanding of the education. So for will get a success and also it will help you achieve your goal.

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