Pros and Cons of Living in Ontario

Ontario may be one of the most popular places to move to in Canada, but many outsiders don’t know much about it besides the names of the cities it holds.  If you’re curious about this great province that’s home to the nation’s capital, you’re not alone!

These are the pros and cons of living in Ontario and why it’s a space anyone should consider making their next home!

There’s Amazing Diversity Everywhere

Regardless of whether you live in Ottawa or Toronto, the diversity in Ontario is incredible.  Not only is over half of the population of Toronto made up of people who are originally from countries outside of Canada, but it’s also dense in cultures, languages, and religions.

This stretches beyond city limits, spilling out into the Greater Toronto Area and much of the area surrounding Ottawa.

The Cities Are Expensive

Cities will be expensive regardless of where you live, but Ontario has price tags that can sting.  Toronto constantly switches between the first and second most expensive cities in the country, which can hurt your wallet.

Although the pay is higher here, that can’t take off much of the sting when you realize that real estate in Toronto is almost double the price of properties outside of the city for the same amount of space.  It’s worth it for those who want that Toronto city life, but for others, it can be a lot to consider. 

There Are Endless Industries

If you want a selection of jobs to pick from, you’re not alone.  The average person works eleven to fifteen different jobs in their lifetime, which means it may take you a few tries before you find a line of work you enjoy.

The main industries in Ontario are technology and creative industries.  If you love to create or have a keen understanding of computers, this could be the destination for you!

A Lot of Competition for Housing and Jobs

Unfortunately, because of the expense and the number of people here: there’s a lot of competition for work and housing in the entire province.  Ontario has been in a seller’s market for the last year and a half, making houses more expensive and less available.  

This has led to many buyers being desperate and leaping on the first house they can get their hands on, but don’t fall for this.  The housing market is a cycle, and eventually, the craze will calm down, so you don’t have to overpay for a property that doesn’t fit your needs.

Gorgeous Art to Take In

Ontario has more museums and art galleries than any other province in Canada.  This means there’s more of an opportunity to spend a day taking in the sights and learning.  Although you can still enjoy a hike or physical activity outdoors, this large selection of art and museums allows you to broaden your view on life and learn more about the people and world around you.


Ontario is a fantastic place to live, and anyone who’s considering it should move here immediately!

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