Password protect USB drive free

Password protect USB drive

Now technology has moved forward one more step regarding password protect USB drive. After coming into picture Windows 7 Protect USB drive has become easier and we can say this windows 7 has simplified many more features along with password protect USB drive free without helping of any external tools such as for free usb password protection.

Password Protect USB drive

So today our discussion topic here how to password protect USB drives on which we are going to chanting dipper. Must Check to remove watermark from video online. Usb drive protection function is available in every windows, Which having 100% success rate because of having the own windows inbuilt function.

Before let’s check highlight part of the blog post.

Highlight: password protect USB drives

  • To apply password protect USB drives, users are not required to download any external apps.
  • All need functions are self inbuilt with the Windows operating system only.
  • The shared process is quite simple and quite, which is not required a longer time to stick with.
  • Highly successful process, Now using by more systems.

Protect USB flash drive

Protecting USB flash drive we are not going to receive the help of an external application. Especially in windows, maximum useful features are freely available such a BitLocker or others. To provide services with respect to password protect USB.

write protected usb format tool

On the internet, a lot of paid and unpaid applications are available regarding the write protected usb format tool, which helps to execute perfectly their services. Learn how to appear offline on facebook.

Few times outsourcing those types of applications can harm to your document because you do not know that especially for what compatibility it has developed and what are the basic requirement it demanding to password protect a USB drive. So without having the knowledge all those details installing such application help you to reach you at the endpoint from where you do not have the time of recovery. Know how recovery deleted files.

So above as I have disclosed that here we are not going to spread our hand regarding outsourcing application to how to password protect a USB. Especially in windows, 7 passwords protecting USB stick do not have any special requirement to locking it. USB flash drive protecting password process is so simple and quick and do not requirement and application programming languages or command form. So now let’s move forward to begin step process of Password protect USB.

Steps Process for How to password protect USB drive free

Usb password protect

As earlier I have discussed that this process of Protecting password USB flash drive has become now simplified to making it more easier. In respect of Protecting USB flash drive, it does not require any article like this. Anyway, in below, I have suggested some steps regarding Password protect USB drive. Make sure do not skip any single step because all one has their own important regarding the locking the USB flash drivehow to hack a facebook account without downloading anything.

If in case, you have over jump any step so repeat all the process again and make it successfully How to password protect a USB drive.

  • Insert your USB flash drive into your Windows 7 and put some folder in your USB drive.
  • Right click on your mouse and select Turn on BitLocker.

  • Now a popup gets open in this popup need to mark on the check mark Use a Password to unlock the drive. And
    • Type your password two times.
    • In last chooses next.

  • Now click on Save the recovery key to a file and give it a proper destination to save this file and later on you do come on same popup windows. Now you need to choose next.

  • Choose here start Encrypting and may it take some time to perform depend upon storage capacity.

Final comment password protect USB stick

usb protection

This Windows 7 BitLocker service is being used by myself for a long time and it has given very nice experience along with great satisfaction. So this is the reason here I have introduced these services called as password protect USB drive free.

This is so simplified features introduced by Windows 7 into this. Using shared features called a password protect USB flash drive you are not going to elaborate any problem regarding protecting password USB. Using this advanced features you are required hardly minutes.

In case following this if you reach the point of struggle or a few things, you do understand. So use the below-given comment box and let me know your problem regarding the article. Or also I have shared a few more way of contacting me. Use it.

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