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How to lock a folder on windows 10

by Adam Smith
encrypt external hard drive windows 10

How to lock a folder on windows 10

In this tutorial going to discuss “how to lock a folder on windows 10” for a top secret folder. Here for folder encryption windows 10  you have not required any software for windows 10 to put lock for top secret folder. Encrypt folder windows 10 also available for Windows 7 and for others version. Also, Checkout Windows 7 password hack.

how to lock a folder on windows 10

On the internet, a lot of tricks are available which claim to lock USB flash drive security with folder but at all don’t help to take ownership of folder, demand more engagement with them and also to take over those services encrypting folders windows 10 you need to pay some amount to outsource that encryption software for windows 10. Also, visit How Hackers Hack Facebook Account In Minutes and How To View Private Facebook Photos without being a friend.

Lock windows 10 folder

In maximum cases, we have seen that to Windows 10 lock folder those outsourced applications do not give a satisfactory result to put lock top secret folder. I have suffered earlier a lot with this same scenery like USB flash drive security lock top secret folder. So I self-developed this trick encrypting folders windows 10 with the help of command prompt without touching bit locker. You all know that bit locker is one more method for encrypt external hard drive windows 10 along with the put lock internal hard drive. But to “encrypt file windows 10” this bit locker takes a longer time. Check out How To Appear Offline Mode On Facebook Chat Status To Some One or One Person.

So which trick here am introducing you encrypting folders windows 10 this does not require your longer engagement and I must tell you that this is the safest trick “How to lock a folder on windows 10 to top secret  folder” ever introduced before because to ‘encrypt folder windows  10’ here I have applied two different methods which both ones have different own action to perform also for USB flash drive security lock.

In below first one passage, I will suggest you hide files and folders windows 10 along with encrypt text file and the second one is change file permissions windows 10 to put lock top secret folder.

  1. After windows, 10 hide files and folders no one will get to know that is there any files you have saved on your Windows 10 or In your USB flash drive and windows 10 administrator access denied. And also after change folder permissions windows 10 internal setting if users show hidden folder never get your top secret folder.
  2. After hide files and folders windows 10 just put lock top secret folder to lock USB flash drive. Applying this second method in case if anyone got to know that you are hiding some folder windows 10 in those cases he or she cannot remove hidden files you encrypt text file and folder.

So now without making the prolong session lets check how to lock a folder on windows 10.

Process for how to lock a folder on windows 10

hiding windows 10 folder

Here to encrypting folders windows 10 which two command prompt methods I am disclosing you make sure do not over jump anyone of encrypt file windows 10. This both methods are similarly important to execute. In case if you skipped any step to make sure repeat the same method again to windows 10 lock folder.

Note:- Which trick here I am introducing you to lock USB flash drive it works for (a) Windows Vista (b) Windows 7( c) Windows 8.1 (d) Windows 10 and (e) XP. For others, Linux version system I have never tried this trick put lock in top secret folder.

Step for hiding top secret folder windows 10

  • Run command prompt.
  • Locate your file location such as D:\>attrib aa +S +H.Here D is driv location >aa file name>>.

folder encryption windows 10

Step for windows 10 lock folder

  • Again open your command prompt.
  • 2:-Type C:\Users\Naveen>Cacls D:\aa /E /P everyone:n. Here (aa) is the file name and others write same as it is.

windows 10 lock folder

Above I have shown you how to windows 10 lock folder. So now in below let’s check how to show hidden folders windows 10 and how to unlock folders windows 10.

  • Show hidden file cmd type D:\>attrib *.* -s –s –r /s /d.

Show hidden file cmd

  • Now to unlock folder type C:\Users\…….\Cacls “D:\aa” /E /P everyone:f.

remove hidden files

Conclusion how to lock a folder on windows 10

In this session for how to lock a folder on windows 10, I have presented you every single important detail which was important to share with you. This is the safest method which never harms your significant document no matter what you encrypt external hard drive windows 10 or internal it works for every single file or folder such as Video, .exe files, and PDF or any.

So in the case, while following the step process if you face any difficulty so let us know by commenting or shared contact list.

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