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How to live streaming on Facebook? Let’s stream with Streamlabs OBS

by Adam Smith
Facebook live streaming

How to live streaming on Facebook

How to live streaming on Facebook

Those who are not familiar with How to live streaming on Facebook? So today in this blog post I am going to introduce a quite simple and quick process that can help its streamers thought to go to have live streaming with the help Streamlabs OBS.

And, those who are familiar with Streamlabs OBS, cannot deny its service.

Thus before going inside let’s first focus on some significant principal points that are accountable to preview what are the important live streaming points have covered?

So let’s follow each significant point.


Here has included some of the significant points that are accountable to deliver some respective ideas about the blog post- How to live streaming on Facebook? And, besides which significant points have included. A blog post circulates surrounding to define.

  • Live streaming is a new concept that has been derived for a few years.
  • Today live streaming available for a respected website like- Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook and, there are so many websites are available that does support live streaming to play live. (Get how to live streaming on Youtube
  • As for now, Streamlabs OBS is one famous website, that available at no cost.
  • its configuration is quite simple but those are not available with their live streaming. so it’s mandatory to follow below existing steps.
  • The best live streaming software “Streamlabs OBS” free available on its web platform which link below I have made available.
  • Streamlabs OBS accountable for the live drive- Game, music, dancing, education, project, meeting, or in any program can help you to make your attendance present.
  • Available with hundreds of great functions. Among them, Live chat budge, a donation button, and emotes to cheers up main availabLE with free.        

So above have included some of the blog significant points. Among them, driving may some of you get most useful.

Now let’s drive in the detail blog post- Live streaming on Facebook with Streamlabs OBS.

Brief of Live streaming Streamlabs OBS software

So today in this blog post, above you have seen that we are awarding a more important focus to the Streamlabs OBS software due to compatible with great functions.

And, significantly the Streamlabs OBS designed in such a way to stick with Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, or with any website for live streaming.

On the web domain, there some similar software are available like- Lightstream, StreamElements, Muxy, Wistia, Vzaar, Stretch Internet, XSplit, Twitch, Mobcrush, and Brightcove.

But among them, Streamlabs OBS is the best live streaming which now available.

It’s downloading file available in size 240MB, which is compatible with Windows 10, Linux, Android, Mac. And, the configuration & installation process similar to each other.


  • Streamlabs OBS available for free.
  • Compatible with Youtube, Facebook, Twitch.
  • File size 240 MB.
  • Available to configure with Linux, Windows, Mac, and Android.   

Live streaming step process configure with Facebook

The step process to configure Streamlabs OBS with Facebook. I have tried my best thought about how to connect Streamlabs OBS by following a few simple processes.

And, significantly apart from the Streamlabs OBS, there is not an application that I am going to consider.

However, the review and rating of Streamlabs OBS is quite impressive.

So let’s check how to make compatible Streamlabs OBS with Facebook thought for live streaming.

And, this process I have divided into three-step. Among them, in the first one how to get Facebook API key for Facebook live streaming, and the second one to set up Streamlabs OBS, the last one How test live streaming going on?

Step process divide into three processes. Among them,

  • Get Facebook live streaming Api key.
  • Set up Streamlabs OBS to get ready to go with Facebook.
  • Test How live streaming going on?

So let’s drive one by one to configure Live streaming Streamlabs OBS software for Facebook.

Get Facebook live streaming API key

To get Facebook live streaming API key below I have suggested some of the principal steps. So let’s drive each one.

  • Very first go to live your Facebook account in your favorite internet browser thought by typing their login id and password.
  • Go to hover your mouse on Facebook profile page thought to reach on Live video.
  • There a live video button available that is accountable to get Facebook API key.
  • Under get started¸ there a button available Use stream key which is responsible provide an API key. So copy it to insert into Streamlabs OBS.

Set up Streamlabs OBS

This step process specially designed to set up your live Streamlabs OBS to capture your screen. So let’s configuration how to insert API key there in Streamlabs software.

  • First, let’s download and install Streamlabs OBS, and after installing Streamlabs OBS drive to open it.
  • On the home dashboard, there are three functions available. Among them, Borderline, Source, and Mixer.
    • Borderline, Here drive + symbol to create a new scene.
    • Source, some sources need to add among them- Game capture, Display capture, Window capture, Audio, and video capture device.
    • Settings, On the bottom left-hand side there a setting gair symbol available. So go to hover your mouse thought to click on it. And, now again left-hand side a Stream, button available down the General. So head over on it to insert their Facebook API key.
    • Stream Key, Now which Facebook Stream key which has copped now insert into the Stream Key box.

Test How the live streaming

In this passage which step process have submitted that is accountable to preview How Streamlabs OBS working for Live streaming on Facebook?

  • Very first in which web browser we have logged in our Facebook account, now go to drive it again.
  • From where you copied your Facebook API key. There drive your mouse on top to start live streaming.
  • There on-screen a play button between the screen available. So click on it thought to start your live streaming.


So above have included some of the three steps to live streaming. Among them, the first two steps that are highly important for live streaming on Facebook.

Video for Facebook live streaming

So below after the passage has shared the youtube video where you can preview to configure live streamlining Streamlabs OBS software.

In this video from beginning to the ending, I have included every single step 1) How to set up Streamlabs OBS and, 2) How to get API key from Facebook.

So let’s drive video from Live streaming on Facebook.

Wrap up live streaming on Facebook

So driving the blog post from top to bottom you would have thought to drive Streamlabs OBS in your own system for Live stream.

As again repeating Streamlabs OBS is amazing live streaming software that is available free on its web website. So without wasting your time must visit on their website to download and install STremalabs OBS.

And, driving top to bottom if you connect with any dispute. So without thinking move to the below available comment box section to remove your dilemma to set up live streaming software Streamlabs OBS software.

So keep connected with us to get more live trending article.

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