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Invite All Friends to Like Facebook Page! Single Click [2019]

by Adam Smith
Invite All Friends to Like Facebook Page

Invite all friends to like page on Facebook

Invite All Friends to Like Facebook Page

Invite all friends to like page on Facebook! Friends, here I am back again with a solution for “how to invite friends on Facebook page” to get bulk likes. This is a very trending topic today. Now, This is not the toughest work to invite all Facebook friends in a single click without engaging with such paid version tools or with any programming languages to get “invite all friends on facebook“.

Here, I have tabled you an extension, Which does multiple of work like ‘facebook invite all friends‘ to get bulk likes, Facebook group invite all or video downloading and this google chrome extension has been built with so many extra features. Below I have little prolonged the session to get more knowledge about this so-called Google chrome extension to get invite all friends to like page with the help of a table.

Features Of Chrome Extension

Removal Tools
Account Tools
Video Downloading Tool
Invite friends To Like Your Page
Invite Friends To an Event
Invite Friends To an Event
Accept/Reject All Friend Requests At Once
Click All Poke+Poke buttons
Click All Add friend Buttons
Click All Like Buttons
Click All Like Join Buttons
Extraction Tools
ID Extractor
Extract Friend IDs
Account Tools
Unlike All Facebook Pages
Unfriend All facebook Friends
Unfollow All Facebook friends
Delete All Comments
Unfollow All Groups
Unfollow All Groups

Today if I am not wrong every youngest and middle age people are now connected with Facebook with so many different purposes apart from the one most interesting purpose is to invite all friends on facebook to get likes on their creative ideas, images, video, timeline, and many more matters are available. It depends on their business what they do with facebook likewise they can be a blogger, student, businessman, running NGO or they can be connected with any curriculum. So this Google Chrome extension can help them more to invite all Facebook group sticking with bulk likes.

How to invite friends on Facebook page to like

Facebook page like Google Chrome Extension

Invite All Friends to Like Facebook Page

Facebook page is single platform windows, Which is now available for every single Facebook account users. This facebook platform has been launched for long. Facebook page can be created by any Facebook users to come up with their thought process and with creative ideas so that he/she can get more socially connected to invite all friends to like page, but the biggest problem here most of not aware with this latest Google Chrome Extension that how to invite friends on facebook page to get bulk likes.

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Let’s have an example to invite all facebook friends. Suppose you are a blogger or businessman. Each and every day you develop a blog or launch a new product only with this hope that people will like your blog or product. So you keep update your Facebook pageFacebook group or Business page, update your status, change your profile picture or etc, just because of trying to enter into people’s minds that here something for you. The cause behind this is that just you want to promote your product and services or you are indicating to them that I am an active Facebook user who keeps coming up with new ideas. So now the latest trick here to make your easy to automatically invite all friends to like the page.

The requirement to Invite all friends to like page 

This is the very simple and quickest method to invite all friends on facebook page like While applying this method you are not needed to outsource any application to download and install into your system and even not at all required to have knowledge of programming languages to invite all friends on the facebook page. The most amazing things here, this google chrome extension send an invitation to those also who are also not in touch with you on facebook page like.

Just you need to get a small Google Chrome extension to download and install, Which is in the below step process I have described inviting all friends to like a page.

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Steps for Invite all friends to like page on Facebook in bulk

Here you have to follow each step very carefully one by one to invite all friends to like page because each step has own importance. Just make sure that no one step gets missed out. So now follow steps and take the experience to get multiple of like on your blog, Business page, educational page or etc.

  • Download and install google chrome.
  • Install a google chrome Ext called ‘Toolkit For Facebook.

InfoSorceAdd in google chrome.

tool kit extension download

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click on add to extension

copy link of facebook page

  • Now look your right top corner for your chrome extension ‘Toolkti For Facebook’ just click on.
  • Click on ‘invite friends to like your page’.



  • Paste your facebook page link in this.


  • You will get a id, just copy.


  • Now paste id in appropriate box enter page id and set your time.

Invite All Friends to Like Facebook Page

  • Now you can see the result within seconds.

Invite All Friends to Like Facebook Page

Final words on how to get people to like your facebook page

Guys when you will get done with all the process to how to invite friends on facebook page to get bulk-like. Just within seconds, you will see the performance of the installed Google chrome extension. A popup suddenly will appear and it will show you all the information about how it’s processing. Hence after some time, you can compare you’re previous like the sore and current score. Have fun.

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