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Install Windows USB Flash Drive! Fastest Installer [2019]

by Adam Smith

Install Windows USB Flash Drive

Now the question arrives what is your tools requirement and which tools help you to Install Windows USB Flash Drive. Before starting the session you need to have tools with you. Later on, will discuss the “NT6.X_installer“. Just download and install these tools from Google. Follows the steps.

Create a USB Flash Drive Installer


  • Use Command Prompt to make Bootable your USB Flash Drive
  • Install your Downloaded application in your running system

So let’s discuss.

How to Make Bootable USB Flash Drive

Now the question will arrive in your mind that how to make USB Flash Drive Bootable.  Also placing an image for your help.

Usb Flash

I hope you have done right one by one steps. Now the time has come for the second step.

How to Run Program in NT6.X_installer_100219

Just download an application from Google “NT6.X_installer_100219”. After downloading your application open it. You will get a file name “installer”.  Select it “Right Click and Run as Administration”. Then a new window will appear once your window is appearing just “Press Enter”.

Hit Enter to newly appear windows. Once again a new window in appearing so what to do, just open your “Windows ISO Image” and find a “Sources File” then select “INSTALL.WIM” and open it.

It is showing “System 37 and 64 Bit”. Choose your system bit like mine is “Windows 7 ultimate activated=64 Bit”. Just type “2” and it having the second option so choose it and hit “Enter”. Select drive character of your “USB Flash Drive” for example Mine is “I” so type your drive hit and “Enter” again.

Look at the image:-


The question will arrive “Is :I: USB HARD DISK” type “Y” and hit “Enter”.

It says all the information is collected correctly just hit “Enter” again.

It’s extracting the wim file. This progress will show in %. Normally it takes 10 to 15’en minutes just stick with your system some information will appear to leave it as it is.

Also Look at this image:-


At last, information will appear that “Please Reboot Your System”.So press any “Key”.

And check your “system bios settings” while opening your computer it should read first your “USB Flash Drive”.

I think you like this article if you face any problem in between or you not able to fix your USB Flash Drive bootable, not able to run code in NT6.X_installer_100219.So let me know also discuss what problem you are facing just give a reply in the comment box. So will solve it later.

Final comment Install Windows USB Flash Drive

Here I have shared all information video regarding Create a USB Flash Drive.  This all shared information I have tasted for my own and also, I have shared these tricks have given 100% satisfactory result. Above shared information little required programming languages knowledge.

Use below article comment box in the case for having not working tricks.

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