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How To Install Windows 8.1 From USB Flash

by Adam Smith
Install Windows 8.1

Become Familiar to Install Windows From Your USB Flash Drive

Windows 8.1 is a newly updated version of Windows 8 and It’s awesome, you can install it on your USB Flash Drive. Now the question arises that “How to Install Windows 8.1 From USB Flash Drive”. Windows 8.1 easy to install by your USB Flash Drive in your PC or Laptop. In windows 8.1 you can get a lot features like a new app store, new start menu also multiple tasking windows.

How To Install Windows 8.1 From USB

Today no one wants to install optical devices on our Pc or tablets have not optical DVD writer in the build. If you are tablet users then its an awesome post for you because these tricks save your money and time both.

Check System Requirement 

Before installing windows 8.1 in your system you must check your system relation that this Operating System does support your system or not. Here we have some four criteria to install windows 8.1.

  • Processor: Intel Dual core (upto 1 GHZ ) or higher.
  • Hard Dick: 16 GB (32bit), 20GB (64 bit).
  • Ram: 1GB ram (32 bit), 2 GB (64 bit) minimum.
  • Graphic Card: DX 9 graphic cards with WDDM drivers.
Install Windows 8.1 From USB

Install Windows 8.1 From USB

Note:- If you have 2GB Ram then install 32bit OS and if you have 2 above RAM then install 64bit OS


How To Make Bootable USB Flash Drive

Method 1. This is a very simple method just follow step by step, you need to complete each one as given below in guideline.

  1. Download Power ISO Application and Install.
  2. Insert Pen drive into your System
  3. Select downloaded windows 8.1 ISO image and right click on it. After that just click on Power ISO and then extract to.
  4. You can see your extract wizard is open now browse your file and click ok.
  5. It will take 10 to 15′ minutes to make bootable your USB Flash Drive.

Method 2. If the first method does not work so you can check the second method

  1. Open PowerISO Software.
  2. Now click on tools and in tool section click on “create bootable USB drive”.
  3. Now powerISO wants administrator permission. Click on OK.
  4. Now new wizard is opened, First select ISO image file which wants.
  5. Then select pan drive. After it clicks on the start button.

Method 3.If both methods do not work so use Command Prompt methods. Some time application does not perform for a particular device. So check this Command Prompt method. In any case, it will perform so let’s check which method can help you.

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