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Configure Kodi TV on Windows PC: Critical Tips For New Users

by Adam Smith

How to Configure Kodi TV on Windows PC


Install Kodi on Windows:-Today in this competitive environment no one has much more time to finding entertainments things all over.  But all know that entertainments how plays an important role in everyone living life. So here I am going to introduce you to great entertainment software called “Kodi Exodus pc” or Kodi Krypton on windows both are same only may few little things are different. To know more about Kodi Exodus visit on shared link.

Highlight –  Configure Kodi exodus setting

  • Kodi Exodus is available for both Windows and Android.
  • All entertaining stuff available such as Game, latest movies, News, Video and audio songs.
  • Users have the opportunity to build own media library.
  • Below shared Kodi installation process is quite simple and quick.
  • The shared installation file is about 80 MiB, which download link below I have shared, and also users can get it from various available trusted sources.
  • This is an opensource application for both Android and windows.

Summary how to configure Kodi setting

So in this tutorials, I am going to discuss with you “kodi tv install and how to configure Kodi setting” in order to play you’re all entertaining stuff. Who is using Kodi Exodus pc from before they know that, once they get complete Kodi Krypton on windows setting nowhere wonder to search any of entertainments stuff apart from Kodi? and check best PS2 emulator for android game.

In below I will help you to make your ‘Kodi Exodus pc’ setup with the help of images. While building your ‘Kodi setup‘ and adding add-on it’s a little bit difficult. Here I am trying to make you understand in a simple way with the help of images.

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So stick with tutorials to make your Kodi Krypton on windows setting or in order to “how to Kodi Tv download and install for windows” and from “where to download Kodi”, just click on the shared link. In this tutorials, I have discussed you every single step to make easy to understand Kodi Exodus pc. Before that let me focus more on to Kodi features and its specifications.  Because who are new in term of Kodi they will have little awareness about it. So let’s first discuss “what is Kodi features”.

kodi tv install

In earlier I have discussed with you a few things about to “Kodi for windows” and also “how to setup Kodi” in this particular session or in my previous session. Here I have shared you my previous session link, which you must read to have a better understanding. So now apart from topic let’s focus on Kodi features.

While discussing on it you will have a better idea that what are things Kodi can do. Before starting our next discussion I must inform you that today no one applications are available in order to Kodi competition. So stick with tutorials and focus on Kodi features.

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What is Kodi software:- Today Kodi is available free of cast onto the internet. In below article I will share you Kodi link if you want to download, please click on the link. While using Kodi software you can watch your all online stuff like Movies, TV shows, Live TV, Sports, Rids, Horrors, Ladies, Music, Programs or others also.

Kodi Exodus pc

While kodi tv install windows discussing the all available stuff on Kodi it’s not possible. And one more important thing, using Kodi is so simple in comparison to kodi tv install. When you start to use Kodi. You will get you all the entertaining stuff in front of your eyes and then you have an idea about ‘What Kodi is”. So, I things so that now you have a little bit idea about what can you watch on Kodi.

Kodi Software recommendations

Kodi minimum internet speed:-In order to play your entertaining stuff Kodi do not require higher internet speed and also for downloading and installing Kodi onto your specific windows. You must check that which Kodi version will support your platform. And one thing makes sure that also download latest Kodi version.

While downloading and kodi tv install exodus latest version your difficulties will reduce in order to install kodi tv addons 17.1. Here I am not discussing more “what is Kodi software“because I have discussed a lot about it in my previous article. So if you want little knowledge more, then please visit my previous article which link I have shared in up.

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Guide To Kodi supported platform

Almost Kodi support onto all platforms, but if you want to run Kodi on Windows XP. So it will not run because in previously windows has closed the XP option. So this is my own suggestion that does not try to use Kodi onto Windows XP. Must check VLC media player screen recording. Earlier I tried to use Kodi on Windows XP but I was failed, but anyway while trying to install it onto Windows XP if you become successful. So please let me know by commenting. Get to know about Best video compression software.

One more thing I must inform you that Kodi doesn’t run into any of pirated windows because while installing it onto windows it asks you to download and install a lot of add-ons. When you start to download it your downloading get fail.

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And suppose if you are running pirated windows on your computer and willing to install Kodi. So in order download Kodi you will be successful but when you start to install it onto your pirated windows it demands you to update your Kodi from 32bit to 64bit because Kodi does download in 32bit only. And when you start update Kodi windows catches the pirated windows users. So avoid it. Check out how to lock windows 10 folder.


Click Installer(32Bit)

Follow this

On which platforms Kodi can run…….

Kodi where do not run……

So I hope in order to Kodi supported platform you got a bit understanding. So now not making this tutorial long just jump onto step process of how to make a setting for Kodi.

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Step process for Kodi windows setup

While following the setting for Kodi make sure that do not skip any of single step because in first I discussed with you that making Kodi setting and adding the add-on to Kodi its somehow difficult work in comparison to others software setting. So avoid skipping any of the steps because here every step has its own importance.

In order to better understanding below, I have to define you every single step with their images. So now have a look at every single step very carefully.

  • Go to Kodi icon and click on it to run.
How to run kodi

Click on Kodi icon to run

  • Now on top of the left side, you can see a gear simple, click on it.
How to click on Kodi setting

Click on this setting option

  • After clicking on gear symbol directly you will jump on system menu page, now scroll to click on “File Manager”.
Kodi Krypton on windows

Go to file manager

  • A new page will open in the name of the file manager, now in left just click on “Add source”.
How to Click on Add source

Click on Add source

  • In this newly open windows click on ‘None”.
How to Click on none for kodi

Click on none

  • In the appropriate box “Enter the paths or browse for the media locations” please enter the path which I am showing in below images and make sure to recheck it. After you get confirmation that its right then clicks on “ok” button.
how to Enter the path windows in Kodi

Enter the path windows

  • Now in “Enter a name for this media source” enter any name and click on “OK” button.
Kodi Here please enter any name

Here please enter any name

  • After pressing your ok, you will see that your media source has been listed in the name of “.stvmc”.
how to listed your media source in list

Now you can see your media source in list

  • Go again to the main page of your Kodi, click on to “Add-on”  and on the left top corner you can see a symbol like the open box. Click on it.
how to click on kodi open box symbol

Now click on open box symbol

  • Scroll down and click on “Install from Zip file”.
Kodi how install to Zip file

click on to Install zip file

  • Here a popup window has open and it gives you an information that downloading software from unknown sources is disabled. So here change your setting to install add-on click on “Setting”.
how kodi enable your setting

enable your setting

  • You have entered into the system setting page. On right pan you can see an option like “unknown sources” make it also enable.
how kodi enable to unknown sources

enable to unknown sources

  • Once you enable your unknown source suddenly a warning popup will appear. Now click yes to ignore this warning message.
kodi enable to unknown sorce

Click on yes

  • Press a back key and go to the add-on pages. Now click on “Install from zip file”.
Kodi Install from zip file

Install from zip file

  • Now you can see a pop will appear and here you can see that which media source you have added .stvmc.
how to add media source

Kodi stvmc media source

  • Click on to ‘.stvmc”and now scroll down. You can see here “repository.spinzTV-0.1.1.zip’. Click on it.
how to repositiory.spinz


  • While installing the zip file it will take time after installed it shows you a pop-up. This pop up says that your installation has been completed.
how message popup

message popup spinzTV

  • Now click on to ‘install from repository’.
how to kodi install from repositry

install from repository

  • Click on to SpinzTV.
How to Click on to SpinzTV

Click on to SpinzTV

  • Now click on to “program add-on”.
kodi program add-on

program add-on

  • Again click on “SpinzTV Wizard”.
how to SpinzTV Wizards

SpinzTV Wizard

  • In newly open page on the right below option, you can see the ‘install’ option.
how to kodi install option

kodi install option

  • Now spinzTV is downloading and it will take some time. Once spinzTV complete download. It will show you a pop-up information that your spinzTV has been downloaded.
How kodi SpinzTV pop-up Wizard

SpinzTV pop-up Wizard

  • A new window has appeared and left it is as same. Click on to continue.
Continuous setting

Continue setting

  • After clicking continue a new window will open. Now click on “Build Menu”.
How kodi Build menu

Build menu

  • You can see a new page which shows many more Kodi version build. Now you choose your own Kodi version build as per your Kodi setup. Like mine is 17.3 and make sure that please select link 2.
how to choose as per your kodi version

choose as per your kodi version

  • As this is Kodi fresh version. So click on “Standard install” click on it now.
How to standard install

standard install

  • A new pop-up will appear now click on ‘Yes Install’.
Click on yes Install

Click on yes Install

  • So now it will take your time because this file is so long.
how to installation will take time

the installation will take time

I hope you have completed your Kodi add-on successfully. So now look at your firstly open Kodi and take a screen shortly. Once you become familiar with  Kodi you will not leave it. I am using this Kodi in one of my Pc and also in one of my Android phones which is working very fine. So friends do not for-gate to share this post with others that also can take help and if you don’t run Kodi. So you should use it.

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Wrap Up: Configure Kodi TV on Windows PC

Above I have discussed all significant points regarding Configure Kodi TV on Windows PC. However, the above point, I have collected from various trusted sources and with my own experience.

While scrolling top to bottom if receive any difficulty then connect with below comment box section to receive quick support.

So keep connected with us to get more update.

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