What is India’s Military strength?

Where Does the Indian Army Stand-in

Indian military prowess is growing every year. It’s globally known that India faces treats on both side Eastern and Western from Pakistan. India and Pakistan both Asian countries don’t want to see each other from a signal healthy eye. In current time almost each day Pakistan is sending militancy, Maoists and terrorist to traits India. Laterally, China is the father of Pakistan, which provide a fund to do such kinds of militancy, Maoists and terrorist activity in India to push back the economic growth. In current time India has two war windows. Also, read What can Become India’s next Super Power Country?. India knows that it has power balance in sort of Pakistan but does India has power balance instead of China to tackle the war situation when it happens.


Finance Minister (FM), Arun Jaitley, allocated Rs. 3,59,854 crore (US$ 53.5 billion) to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to increases the defense power, Because in respect of power balance with China, India is far behind. If the India and China these two Asian nations have power balance with them, then they never think about the war.

India has been fast developing new military technology, acquiring what is required, manufacturing weapons, aircraft, naval vessels etc to make India’s military a strong force to handle these threats. Also, read India Vs China: A comparison of Economic Growth, Military Power, Educational growth, Manufacturing Growth. India’s nuclear weapons or ballistic missiles program has also caused concerns for India’s adversaries.

India seems to be modernizing its military power to keep eye on China and Pakistan both from one hand. However, the modernization program for ballistic missiles only the key reason to take under control to whole China.

India’s current military strength

The Indian military has a combined 4,207250 active and reserve personnel in service. Since resources like helicopters, aircraft, personal etc are spread across the three services – Army, Air Force and Navy. Now take a look for air power, ground power, and naval power.

India Airpower

A strong air power plays the very important role in every country, it also called a game changer. The Indian military has attack aircraft, fighter aircraft, bombers, reconnaissance aircraft, transporters, and attack helicopters, air superiority fighters etc. Some aircraft can serve multiple roes like the commissioned Rafale are multi-role combat aircraft.

India air power

India’s naval power

Globally it’s known that India is the fourth largest navy in the world, whereas the list like USA, Russia, China, and India. Navy played a very crucial role to win 1971 war with Pakistan also it has the very important role in securing India. Also read about social issue Baby Girl’s Killing Reveals India’s Crisis of Gender Bias. It has in its fleet tactical submarines, nuclear-powered submarines, conventionally powered submarines, aircraft carrier, destroyers, frigates, amphibious warfare ships, corvettes etc.

novel power

Indian Army’s strength

The Indian Army is the third strongest in the world and backbone of the Indian armed forces. The foot soldiers who guard India’s borders and deal with the security threats to the country in the most testing situations have made the Indian Army one of the most versatile forces in the world. The Army’s soldiers are divided into 35 Divisions within 13 Corps.


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