Best Ram Speed For Gaming Increase Memory Disk Free Without Software Test

Best ram speed for gaming and others

Meet here one of greatest outstanding methods to increase Best ram speed for gaming. Of course, this is free to increase ram speed. To follow the methods of ram disk speed you are not required to outsource any ram speed test software. In below I have introduced you a simple and quickest way which helps to just double ram speed without software considering. Meanwhile adopting the methods of ram speed you will be going to the acquired span of side computer knowledge to ‘best ram speed for gaming increase memory disk’.


While attempting the methods you will be seeing that how to check ram speed and without engaging in any sort of software, programming languages or Command prompt, how potential this method has to increase ram speed. After passing on throughout the whole process you will experience that how conceivable this whole development is gonna prove beneficial to enhance your works efficiency and whole done process you can test ram speed online also.Learn, How to hack facebook free.

In short without prolonging the session of “best ram speed for gaming“, Is now probably possible to increase double ram speed of your PC and laptop. So now engage with below passage will explore your Pc and laptop ram speed. Let’s get in touch with below passage.

Step process to Best ram speed for gaming increase memory disk free without software test

increase ram disk speed

Virtual memory is most important part of our operating systems.When Ram disk speed synonymously get increased such as in MAC OS, Windows, and Linux. Ram speed has a very important work to perform to our operating system. It allows us to run more applications on the system than we have enough physical memory to support. Also, Checkout latest Tricks How To Install Windows 8.1 From USB Flash. Virtual memory is a simulated memory that is written to a file on the hard drive. The file is called page file or swap file. It’s used by operating systems to simulate physical RAM by using hard disk space.

So in below each step has their important to increase ram disk speed. Meanwhile, do not try to skip or over jump any step because each one has own separate work to perform as per the system work distribution to ram speed test software.

So follow all the steps one by one.

  • Right click on your computer and check your property

You can see all the information about your computer like, What is your hard disk size, what is your RAM Speed, Which Processor you are using and which operating system.

Virtual Memory

  •  Advance System setting 

Once new windows will open on the right side you can see “ Advance System setting”, just click on that. Again a new will open.

 Advance System setting

  • System Properties

In below you can see an image where an option available for “Advance” setting, Also check out latest trick  How to Control Your Android Device from Your PC. Now just click on that and then just click on setting button.

System Property

  • Performance Options

Now you can see windows open in the name of “Performance options“, There you have to choose options like “Advance”.

how to check ram speed

  • Virtual Ram Memory

You can see a new window has open in form of Virtual Memory. There you can see two check mark option.

  1. Click to “Uncheck”.
  2. Click to “Check”.

You can see the second option where you have to put a check mark since there is an option to increase your memory.

free to increase ram speed

  • Need a calculation to double your virtual memory  

Suppose your Ram is 4gb, So you can increase it to 6000 MB, it means 6gb, just in double. You need a small calculation to understand this.

4 Gb Ram= 4*1000=3000mb

                  =4000*1.5= 6000mb

Now you can you are incising your virtual Ram till 6000mb from 4000mb. Its near to just double. Also can just double but sometimes it won’t work.

  • Check your C drive Property

Here you can see in my C: drive property is 22.4 GB, and now you will check after increasing, how can have just double Virtual ram Speed.

ram disk speed

  • Place Your Value

In first block you can see written initial size, just put 6000 and in the second option just multiplied by 6000*2=12000, put 12000, after that just click on the set button and then click on ok button and restart your PC or Laptop.

Best ram speed for gaming

What is Virtual Memory

  • Check your Best ram speed for gaming

You have two methods to check your Virtual Ram Speed, so first one is your Property from there you can see how many extra ram speed you have provided and the second one is Performance option. Compare it with your previous Virtual Ram Speed.


Final step to ram speed gaming

So now we have reached the end of the process to ram speed test. I hope this tutorial has helped you to remove your credential complication in order to increase virtual ram speed as I recommended you on top. I have given a live example to cross-check the whole done process. And even then if you have any query, let me by comment box. I will try to come over with the right solution to increase ram disk speed.

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