5 Most Important Techniques To Improve SEO For Your Blog

Techniques To Improve SEO

If you already own a blog, there are chances that you understand the importance of blogging. At the same time you need to be very clear whether you are aware of the search engine optimization techniques.

Important Techniques To Improve SEO

In this post let us discuss on how to improve or follow a few most import techniques that improves SEO for your blog.

Just carrying a blog with some regular post would never progress rather it requires some more effort to get it more effective.

Let’s see how it goes,

Some of the most important techniques that get your blog going on the search engine are;

Never Miss HTTPS

It was announced HTTPS is also a ranking signal by Google in the year 2014 and that was not the fact that it can just boost your ranking but installing SSL certificates to your website adds a lot more security to your website.

It is that simple to get your website installed with an SSL certificate, you can reach out to your best SSL certificate providers and get your HTTPS installed to your website. By this your customers or your visitors are notified that your website is safe to handle with and is even eligible to make transactions when required.

Add Valuable Content To The Shorter Ones

It is really simple to create plenty pages under one domain with just 400 – 1000 words content. But the most important thing that you need to concentrate is giving the right content that is required for the audience.

Jeff Bullas has performed a recent analysis that showed the average content length of top 10 results. Most blogs resulted at an average of 2450 words. The average ration was shown between 2000 – 2500 words.

The ideal length of the blogs was not just meant to fill it with filler words rather these blogs contained intense information that really benefited the users and the viewers. Make sure that you follow the same in your blog that holds quality content.

Let Your Content Engage Your Audience

Ensure that you concentrate in addressing your audience. Content is the best tool that engage your audience and you can use them to grab their attention.

Always use third person speech to quickly grab the attention of your audience and you could definitely observe your audience’s interaction. Give the most expected replies and answers that can help your audience in a better and this might help them to get back to you frequently.

Provide analytical data to your customers and you can even include images and charts that quickly gets your user attention.

Update With New Content

One of the best ways to instantly rank better or to boost your ranking is by updating content in your older pages. Have you ever noticed or tried using this strategy? If not update the content in the pages and drop the URLs in the Google URL cache that the pages can be identified and ranked better.

But updating content for name sake can never be a better option. It is recommended to explore better on keywords and come up with a better strategy that your efforts are fruitful.  Provided your research can help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Use Customized URLs

This is one of the most important strategy that you need to concentrate on. Whenever you frame your title tags for your pages it is recommended to have shorter ones as they are easy to cache and gives a better idea for your user on what the page is.

Shorter URLs are not just for the sake of SEO but they are better for social media sharing. And it is noticed that these URLs had better click through rate when compared to the bigger ones. Added they are easier to remember.

Wrap Up

improve SEO

The most important techniques that can improve SEO for your blog is explained above. All you need to do is make sure that you have followed all the above-mentioned strategies are followed to build a perfect SEO for your blog or website.

These steps can improve your SEO as well as boost your ranking without no doubt. Have we missed anything that really need to be concentrated? Then write to us that we can cover it in our future posts. Get your websites and blogs revamped with the new SEO strategies to witness better results.

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