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How to see Instagram stories without an account?

by rahulpandey
Instagram stories

If you don’t have an account, can you see Instagram stories?

Instagram stories allow users to post short videos and photos that disappear within 24 hours of posting. Those who upload stories can see who saw them. The best way to view Instagram stories, posts, and accounts without the creator’s knowledge is to view them without an account. There are so many methods to do this process. Yes, this is not a complicated thing; you can easily see the stories without an account.

Here, we have listed a few methods to do this action. The methods are,

Web browser extensions: IG Stories for Instagram is an extension of the Google Chrome browser (no account required) that answers how to view Instagram stories unknowingly. Installing this type of tool in your browser gives you easy access to Instagram stories on your computer. More importantly, views are not counted.

If you’re using Firefox, you can use Stories Watcher. It allows you to see the story without logging in and, most importantly, without being seen. The story keeps popping up invisible, even if you see it all. If you don’t want to install the extension, you can get it from that website and download all the stories you need to your computer.

Story saver application: If you need to watch multiple Instagram stories anonymously, it’s worth using a dedicated application. For Android users, there is a free application called the StorySaver application. You can download it from the Google Play store and follow the steps below to view your Instagram story. You’ll see a list of all the following users who currently have an active story. And to work on how to unknowingly see someone’s Instagram story, choose to see all the stories right away. 

Also, if you search for a user’s name to quickly find a particular user, that user’s history will be displayed; when you view a story, you have the option to republish, save, or share the story. There is also an eye icon. If you want to see an Instagram story without your knowledge, don’t touch it.

If you’re using iOS, similar applications can help you view Instagram stories anonymously on your iPhone. This application is called Story Reposter. Not only can you watch Instagram stories without being seen, but you can also post to Instagram streams and save them to your device.

Online story viewer: If you don’t want to enable airplane mode, you can use the online Instagram Story Viewer to view Instagram stories without an account. Many free apps can provide you with these services. This website is one of them. Easily solve your question: how to see someone’s Instagram story unknowingly. You can also download Instagram stories from this site. Whether it’s a video or a photo, enter the username you want to spy on in the toolbox.


You can see all the articles posted by this user immediately within 24 hours. If you want to view long-posted articles anonymously, there is another online tool, смотреть истории инстаграм анонимно Stories Data.

The only downside to this method is that it only works with public accounts. If you want to view your private Instagram account story privately, you need to check out the other methods described in this article. 


Third party app: Some online Instagram viewers allow you to view public Instagram content without an account anonymously. Imginn is the one I highly recommend. Imginn allows you to search Instagram profiles and stories without an account. You can also use Imginn to download Instagram stories, posts, and HD profile pictures. Imginn is completely free to use, and you can see how it works by following the steps below. Launch your web browser on your PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android device. Then go to the Imginn website. On the Imginn home page, you can enter the name of your Instagram profile in the search box to start searching for your profile.

If you want to see someone’s story, you can also click on the story icon above the search box.  Next, Imginn will display all Instagram profiles related to the assigned search query. You can see all the posts and stories just by clicking on your profile. As you can see in the screenshot, it’s similar to the original Instagram profile page. You can browse all publications. It has a Download All button that allows you to download photos and videos at once. You need to scroll enough to load all the posts you want to download.

Use Siri shortcuts: If you are using iOS 13, you do not need to download the application. Shortcuts, the default application, help solve questions about how to view Instagram stories anonymously. Do many other things at once. If you can’t find the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad, you can download it free from the App store. Once you have the shortcut app, open the link in Safari to get a shortcut to view the Ig story anonymously. Start this shortcut, and you will be prompted to enter a username or profile link. The shortcut then finds all the stories available to this user and provides a quick preview. 

Final words

Instagram is one of the top social media apps using millions of people all over the world. When it comes to technology, it has both a good side and a bad side. We have mentioned a few latest methods to view Instagram stories of others without knowing them. It will be really helpful for those who don’t have an Instagram account and who want to see other stories.

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