How To Rank Higher in Google?

The Google rankings are an important factor for the success of online businesses. 

According to the research studies, the first page results of Google get above 30% of all clicks and hence visitors. However, the second-page results get merely 3% at most. SEO is a slow process, taking years to build up authority. 

Nevertheless, you can find a number of procedures that can aid you in improvising your website’s rankings in the search engine. Here are the top five tips suggested by the digital marketing company in Dubai to increase the Google ranking of your sites.

  1. Know the Google algorithm

According to Google executives, the algorithm of Google changes continuously, and about 500 to 600 changes can be noticed within a year. However, it is a bit difficult to understand the changes and strategies of the algorithm. 

There is a way to track this algorithm by keeping yourself updated with a major algorithm change. You can check out Google Algorithm Change History from any source to understand the database. Understanding the algorithm changes will help you identify the trends that your website needs to undertake to rank higher in the search engine.

  1. Mobile-friendly

About 60% of your website traffic comes from mobile phones. For this reason, if you want your website to rank higher in the search engine, you need to create a mobile-friendly interface for your websites. 

The desktop version and the mobile version of your website should provide the same information and content. You should also know that a large number of visitors look for local searches, and there must be a strong interface to provide local searches on the mobile.

  1. Keywords

Keywords are the most important aspect of the search engine optimization processes. All the keywords that you use for your websites may not be sufficient, and you might need to improve them. Make a list of the keywords that drives the most traffic to your websites. Choose the best keywords and replace the other keywords. Add some new keywords that have the potential to double the site traffic, and thereby ensuring a higher rank in the search engine.

Brand Story is the best agency for digital marketing Dubai, and so we can provide you with some keywords that can significantly increase the rank of your websites by some spots. This will surely help you to get higher traffic and organic visitors.

  1. Figure out why your website is outranked

There are plenty of reasons for which your websites may be outranked. Here are some top reasons that you need to consider.

  • Search intent: Google always delivers the most relevant results for any search. For this reason, you need to have a deep understanding of the intent of queries. If your page doesn’t align with the search intent, then ranking higher is difficult.
  • Referring domain: The more the referring domains are from, the higher your chance of getting a better rank.
  • Page authority: Websites with more backlink authorities tend to get higher rank and traffic.
  1. Fix your Google issues

After knowing all the methods to rank your websites, you need to track some important aspects and examine your websites in detail to fix any persisting issues and penalties. Maintaining a healthy site is the fundamental rule of rankings. Here’s what you can do.

  • Analyze the inbound links to your site.
  • Check the links that affect your Google rankings.
  • Remove the bad links, if any, as Google may charge you with some penalties for that.
  • Check for link influencer score. This will show how the links of your websites influence search engine rankings. The higher the influence score, the better the result in search engine rankings.

These are the top five techniques that can help you to rank your websites higher in the search engine. There is plenty of SEO company in Dubai.; however, it is only Brand Story that can provide you with satisfactory results and increase your business. 

For more details on SEO ranking and other services, do contact us on our website or call us on our official customer care number.

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