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How to Lock Apps On Android Without App – Top Method

by Adam Smith
Android app locker

Question and Answer to lock apps on Android

Here, have included some of the additional questions and answers that have directly associated with how to lock apps on Android?

Among them, some of I have experienced themselves and while suggesting them someone they queried me. So I thought to include all here that can help you associating towards how to lock apps on Android?

Can i lock certain apps on my android?

Yes, indeed lock certain apps on Android that is possible now. Since Android came into the picture that the configuration process thought how to lock apps on Android? Was not available. But launching new Android update each after a certain time gap Android has enabled this setting thought to lock apps on Android.

To complete the Android app lock additional setting does not require you to stick with the additional app.

Best app lock for android?

On the internet, a variety of apps available to outsource that is how to lock app on Android?

Among them, some of having delivered out of expectation result & some of good for nothing. Those who have received higher reviews and ratings most don’t belong to the adware family.

So after the passage has prepared the list of app that can help you lock your Android apps to maintain privacy.

  • AppLock – Guard with LOCKit.
  • LOCX Applock Lock Apps & Photo.
  • Lock Screen & AppLock Security.
  • Perfect AppLock(App Protector)
  • AppLock – Fingerprint.
  • Vault – Hide SMS, Pics & Videos.
  • Private Zone – Applock & Hide pics.
  • CM Locker – AppLock, ScreenLock.


Without associating above them now Android users have privileges to stick towards the Android inbuilt functionality thought to lock Android apps.

The best app lock for android is free?

Yes, Among most of the Android apps are free and including them also available for a premium, that is to lock apps on Android. 

But the above-prepared list to lock Android apps on Android belongs from the adware family that is the one more way to generate income thought to maintain their app.

That is possible to lock individual apps on android?

Yes, it is possible to lock a single app on Android. To complete this setting to lock a single app, it users does not require to look forward to any other additional app. 

Therefore this new Android update helps them to maintain their privacy without recognizing any additional app to lock apps on Android.

How to lock apps on android without app?

To complete this process that is How to lock apps on Android without app? Below in detail has included a process to lock Android apps.

If in detail you don’t want to drive blog post and directly by removing the middle content, you would like to check the step process to lock apps on Android. So click on just before the shared link to jump and associate toward the step process to enable Android app lock.

Lock Apps On Android Without App

applock for android

How to lock apps on android now going to introduce a quickest and simplest trick which do not require to download and install any of external android applock for android from open source. To apply these android lock apps it does not have any restriction to restrict.  So now I hope you have a clear picture into your mind about the whole process of how to lock apps on android phone. Tricks on how to hack a Facebook account without downloading anything.

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This is the good and healthy news especially for those who are participating in the list of the Android or android smartphone. Comparatively the previous day now android users do not need to go every time to Google play store to receive external benefits such as best applock for android and like this many features Android has added on with self now Android ISO.

So this is the proof now which I am submitting in respect of applock for android. In the next android keep coming with their new useful updates. Must check Zip file lock encryption apps on android.

Android apps to lock without app

Now let’s explore the session regarding the basic necessity to fulfill how to lock apps on android without app downloading. Here for old android phone users. Check how to speed up android phone performance, first, ask self-question that is this app lock screen app for Android features are available from before on their android device. So if in reply answer comes no. In this case, if you have an opportunity to update your android phone “Gb Whatsapp” so grab the opportunity to participate in the part of how to lock apps on android.

Note:- If some of Android users are sticking with the old technology so to receive this applock for android you need to go on Google play store and or on others sources to download and install to receive this specific features so-called How to Lock Apps On Android without app. Visit Make android phone faster speed running slow.

For the latest Android phone users, it is great and satisfactory news that relevant this lock apps on android so many internal added features come along with when you buy the latest technology and many are keep coming into the list of it.

Now let’s begin one more step forward in the direction of how to lock apps on android phone.

Step process app lock screen app for Android

How to run duplicate apps

Here if you are looking so for till now what we chanted then must go down carefully from now and participate in the participation of listing in the list of becoming users of this latest Android device feature called as “best applock for android”. Check it how to unlock android phone without a password.

To submit your name to become the user of this ‘app lock screen app for Android‘ here, you are required to stick with the step process of the applock for android. So to receive here this process does not require a hard climbing mountain. The meaning of this “hard climbing mountain”, you don’t have to pass on throughout any sort of programming languages or hard-hitting step.

Best android app lock

Trend on

Make sure the number of steps here I have suggested to follow. Follow it, and in case if by mistake you over jumped any step so it never going to harm you. Just you’re one more work increases to reply to the same process again in the same format what it is offered here to how to lock apps on android.

So here let’s take the example of locking your android Whatsapp.


Very first, go to your Android mobile settings section. It is similar to any of barring symbol.

App Lock

Drag down inside the setting there can get a button in the name of App lock. So click on it to reach on the next level.

Lock desired app

Now after clicking on the App lock, you have approved the system thought to find there your desired app to lock. However, by finding the app that looking to lock, go to click as tickmark to get complete the locked android apps.

Note:- This process may differ based on the device.

Video – Lock android apps without apps

In the above passage, I have given a brief introduction including the step process to lock android apps without any external apps, and additional I am sharing a youtube video that can help you more to lock apps on android.

This video can help you more to reach in a comfort zone that how the whole process works perfectly. This is an amazing feature introduced self by the android.

So let’s check the video and make sure this video process may differ from the above process. The motive of sharing this video is only to become you familiar with this current android features.

Final Comment applock for android

On the internet, a lot of applock for Android applications are available which claims for the better result revert back. But the movement a sound reaches into the service users mind that for the respective service here not at all required to receive any sort of external application regarding the downloading or installation.

Best App Locks for Android

So suddenly it looks good and opportunistic to receive the services as soon as. So same funda apply here. Here for best applock for android, you are not required to hard digging any of. This is the simplest and quickest setting which you have to pass on and at the end, you have a healthy result.

So make sure here what I am trying to fix with you regarding how to lock apps on android if in case it does not reach to you in the way what I am trying to send you. So refer below link address and also let me know the commenting options.

Note:- Technology keeps changing each passing day. So in a few cases, this tricks which I am introducing with may not run. Then here contact me by comment box. So it will be more hander to coming with the proper update regarding the How to Lock Apps On Android without app.

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