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Highlight! Hide birthday on Facebook

How to hide birthday on Facebook

Let’s move towards quick learning to make a more Facebook additional setting called, how to hide birthday on Facebook?

Thought, Facebook users need to develop a small setting, which is self-configured by Facebook to their own platform. Here Facebook has awarded an opportunity to their users to drive quite a simple and quick setting, which can help you to hide your birthday and can learn Hide profile on Facebook, very nicely thought from global social networking.

Hence, here have some of the additional settings to delete multiple photos on Facebook, which help you also to hide your birthday on Facebook, and hereafter the passage, I have included some of the additional points from the side of Facebook to hide birthday which makes you more fill confident. And thought to enable this setup you have the privileges from the birthday side to make yourself hidden on the Facebook friend list.

So, look after the passage, How to hide your birthday on Facebook.

Configuration to hide birthday on Facebook

Hide birthday on Facebook, thought to enable this current process their users have the privilege to drive a few simple steps, which can help you enable auto-hide birthday settings. Thought to configure Facebook hide birthday setting, here their users have to drive just 4 or 5 few quick steps, those hide birthday steps only can be received from its own Facebook platform only.

Need to hide birthday on Facebook

Towards Facebook, has recommended their own users to not stick with any additional tools to configure, when all setup available on its own platform to hide birthday on Facebook. 

And, if you have some birthday security-related issues, where some of your’s friends visiting your Facebook profile page a couple of times by forcing you to hide your birthday on Facebook. So can go to check below an additional Facebook setup, which not at all needs to configure together any additional tools.

Easy assessable

Thought to enable their process to hide your birthday on Facebook reaching out on its setup areas quite simple and quick, there you can enable some of the additional settings like Appear offline on Facebook including to hide birthday on Facebook.

And Facebook has merit, where any of their own Facebook users can go to enable hide birthday setting without stumbling any of hard drive.

So earlier I have included some of the significant highlighted points, which will hug you while understanding and thought to make your perception regards blog post- how to hide my birthday on Facebook, and also some of the articles links before I have listed down, where you can visit while checking some of the helpful things like upload Facebook profile without cropping image.

Configuration process to enable birthday set on Facebook

Together will drive how to hide your birthday on Facebook. Here below, I am trying to successfully introduce you to a quite simple and quick configuration process that can resolve your Facebook related issues thought to hide Birthday on their platform.

However, enable the Facebook configuration process which needs your small attention on it’s. Hence, it demands to drive some of the 4 or 5 steps process, which is quite simple.

Among some of the Facebook users may have been aware thought enable Facebook to hide birthday set up process, and some of those who are newly fresh regarding hiding birthday on Facebook can go to drive below configuration process.

And make sure here from which step process I am trying to introduce you thought to enable Facebook setting to hide birthday, follow in the same way in which I have composed.

Need to keep away from such things which I have not mentioned herein below to hide birthday. Though doing such practice can put some extra efforts while enabling hide Facebook birthday setting. So maintain distance from such things. Quite an impressive article- make fake Facebook id, must check.

Let’s check the configuration process to hide a birthday on Facebook.

1> Internet Browser, Meet here the first step, which recommends you to open any of the internet browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox, where go to browse Facebook to log in to hide birthday on Facebook.

2> Visit on about section, After successfully Facebook login on top of three sections beside your Facebook profile photos Your name, Home, create. So among them go to the tap on Your Name.

Now below your Facebook profile name, you can scroll some of the buttons like-  Timelines, About, Friends, Photos, Archive, and last More.

So among them go to the tap on About section, where you can a lot of opportunities to access your Facebook profile information such as Your registered mobile no, Email id, address, etc.

After driving all Facebook information to hide birthday on Facebook go to click on basic information.

3> Contact & basic information, Thus after visiting on basic information, go to hover your mouse left side beside the Date of birth and tap on the Edit button.

4> Connect with Edit section, After hovering the mouse on the Edit section, where you have some of 5 options to choose from. Among them go to choose Only me.

And after done here, this Facebook compatible setting holds your configuration till you don’t change it again & successfully you complete it to hide your birthday on Facebook.

So earlier I have included some of the significant points which help you to hide birthday. After completing the last setting you will able to see how well you have customized it to hide birthday on Facebook. 

And make sure to drive an earlier process in a proper way, if this process does not work properly so go to recheck it again to hide your birthday on Facebook. Here outstanding methods to Appear offline on Facebook,

Last few words! Hide my birthday on Facebook

So earlier, I have discussed everything with respect to hiding your birthday on a Facebook configuration setting. Thought to customize above Facebook function after driving blog post you will have seen that I have not outsourced any of external applications.

However, before including blog post here, on suggested steps I have made my own practice and after satisfying among all included steps have included here to perform- hide your birthday on Facebook.

Throwout after the completed process you will see how simple and quick to hide your birthday without putting any additional efforts.

However, while driving process from top to bottom if you associate with any difficulty, then move towards the comment box section to get quick revert.

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