How to convince your dog to take supplements

There are many supplements that you can give your dog to keep him healthy and happy. Some of these come in tablet form, which you must convince your pet to swallow. Dogs are not known for taking kindly to tablets, but this is an easy problem to overcome if you follow a few simple steps.

Knowing Is Half the Battle

If you know what motivates your dog, it’s much easier to get it to take its medicine or other supplement without too much fuss. Make sure you spend time with your pet every day for at least fifteen minutes so that it becomes familiar with you and trusts you. Praise your pooch when he does something right and show him affection often. Learn what toys he likes best because this knowledge will come in handy as your dog becomes accustomed to taking pills.

Giving Your Dog Pills for the First Time

–       Buy some really yummy treats that are just for this purpose. It’s okay if you only give special rewards once in awhile, but avoid using them too often or your pooch might start to get annoyed with them.

–       Hold the pill between your thumb and forefinger so that the dog can’t see it. Let him sniff around till he eventually sniffs at your hand. Immediately pop the treat to his mouth so that you convince him that he has eaten it anyway and therefore don’t need another one.

–       Praise your pet when he eats the treat immediately after smelling it (even if he hasn’t eaten the pill) and repeat a few times to convince him that this a good way to get a treat.

–       Once the dog trusts you enough, he will eat the pill from your hands without making a fuss about it. You can then pop another treat into his mouth as a reward for being such a good boy!

2 Time

–        Repeat step 1 but with your hand held vertically instead of horizontally. Hold the treat at nose level so that he understands that he has to jump up to reach it. As soon as his paws leave the ground, immediately place the treat in his mouth and give lots of positive reinforcement. Prevent him from jumping up again until you have fed him another treat first to convince him that this is a good game.

3 Time

–        Finally, repeat step 2 but with your hand held vertically. When he has successfully jumped up to reach his treat, give him another one as he is coming back down again because this was such a good jump!

If you carry on practicing these steps, your dog will quickly realise that jumping up at your hands gets it tasty treats and the pill becomes just an extra bonus that makes getting into humans’ hands even more fun! Before long you should have no problem getting him to open his mouth so that you can pop the supplement in without any fuss. Once this happens, give lots of praise and treats for being such a good boy or girl!


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