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How social media platforms can help grow your business

by Saloni Singh

Really confused about going with Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram? Stuck between choosing blogs or videos for marketing? Not to worry! There are different suggested strategies for culling this list. Not to mention, there’s an Instagram video maker to make things easier for you!

Have a look below but do not skip the introduction!

As per Statista, there are more than 3.02 billion active users of different social media networks in the world. These are per month usage reports of 2021. That’s around 1/3rd of the total population of the world.

Therefore, it is quite obvious that social media is powerful and engaging. This brings us to the fact that marketing a business on different social media platforms can actually lead to the large-scale growth of that particular business.

But if you go further into the details, you will find that the majority of the brands are not facing any issues as to whether or not they must take advantage of it. Instead, they are completely blind about how social media platforms help with business growth.

So, here are a few ways in which social media fuels the growth of businesses:

Increased Brand Recognition

The different social media platforms serve as one of the best ways of spreading the word about the business. They help increase brand recognition making it very easy to grab the attention of new customers while creating loyal ones.

Data shows that social media platforms do a better job of creating brand awareness than conventional media. This goes true for the small businesses that lag behind in the finances required for putting up prime-time advertisements.

Social media networks do this great job of placing brands right in front of exclusive audiences absolutely free of cost and even with paid advertisements. Just the right platform with the right kind of SEO-optimized content, and you will have your content appearing exactly where you want it to be. This will result in more engagement and leads.

Apart from SEO and paid advertisements, businesses can even collaborate with influencers to increase their reach. Influencers do the job of exposing the products and services of a brand to many people with only a few uploads.

Nevertheless, businesses need to be careful with the kind of influencers they are working with. Always choose influencers resonating with your brand and audience.

Social Media Presence Humanizes a Brand

The capability of creating original human connections is one of the major advantages of social media platforms for businesses. Showcasing how your customers are benefiting from your product and introducing followers to people making up your firm will definitely humanize your brand to a considerable extent.

This is true authenticity, and it goes a long way in building trust in a brand. Trust, in turn, helps in building marketing receptiveness while driving new business at the same time. There is no other place as perfect as the social media networks for brands and businesses to get real.

These are platforms you can use to show how you are working with the values of your brand in mind, how you pay attention to the interest of your customers and employees, and how your products and services are working in reality.

Increased Customer Engagement

The different social media networks work to generate engagement between the users. For businesses, Twitter comes as one of the most excellent opportunities for interacting with existing customers and potential clients.

In these present times, there are many brands using their social media pages to offer custom solutions. Even the customers compliment brands and provide their complaints on social media sites. And yes, businesses also respond to the problems of their clients on social media platforms.

All kinds of criticism available on social networks will be your scope of showing how you care about your customers as a business. It will also help you in showing how fast you are at resolving the problems of your customers.

Furthermore, positive feedback comes as free marketing. Brands can use positive feedback to attract new customers and to get ahead of the competition.

Social Networks Help with Lead Generation

The different social media platforms offer a low commitment and easy way for prospective customers to show their interest in a business and its products and services. In other words, lead generation comes as one of the great advantages of using social media platforms for business growth.

Lead generation is such an amazing advantage of the social media networks for businesses that the majority of the social networking sites even offer advertising formats specifically designed for collecting leads.

Social Engagement Drives Traffic to Websites

There are a large number of businesses that use different social media platforms for supplementing their SEO strategies. The social media platforms boast many users, and being present on these platforms will surely help drive a lot of traffic to your business site.

But remember, driving traffic to your site through social networking platforms is not that easy. You will have to implement the right techniques for this purpose. And remember, the traffic generated on social media networks has the capability of transforming into leads.

When posts on Instagram or Facebook go live, the visitors start interacting with them immediately. The majority of the visitors will also click through to the website of a business. This is far more beneficial than going for Google SEO that reaps results in a week or so.

For platforms like Instagram, you can use an Instagram video maker for making stunning videos that will surely catch the attention of the onlookers. Do not forget to add links to your business site in these videos to get more visitors to your site.


The best thing about social media marketing is that it is easy to learn, and the process gets more convenient with the use of an Instagram video maker. This is what helps businesses in reaping the best advantages of social media platforms. As a business, you must have a transparent idea of the different marketing strategies that will work on the different social media platforms.

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