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How does Pay-per-click advertising work? 

by rahulpandey
How does Pay-per-click advertising work?

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC advertising, is a growingly popular way to let potential customers know that your business exists online. 

When using PPC advertising, you only pay when you click on one of your ads. So, rather than paying by how many times your ad appears, you’re only charged when someone sees it – and chooses to act. By becoming an advertiser on Google and targeting those who a

already intend to buy from your business, such as people searching for your specific products or services, you can reach a targeted audience active in t

the market for what you have to offer. PPC ads usually display bold red headlines and are sometimes highlighted in other ways to make them stand out from other ads. They can also be referred to as sponsored links, paid search results, sponsored listings, or paid search ads.

  • How does Pay-per-click advertising work? 
  • Google and other major search engines use an Ad Auction to display the most relevant ads alongside their search results. Advertisement prominence on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is determined by an entirely automated process called the Ad Auction, conducted in real-time. The Ad Auction involves hundreds of metrics and heuristics that ultimately decide which ads receive the “privilege” of appearing on the top and the sides of SERPs, which 
  • users will see first when they search.
  • When you purchase an AdWords ad, the system immediately begins filtering through hundreds of billions of searches to determine which ads will display on a particular SERP. A few main factors decide which ads will show up: 
  • (1) The amount you are willing to pay for each click or CPC, 

(2) The quality of your landing page or website address, considered a Quality Score, 

 (3) How relevant your ad’s content is to your landing page or website address. 

Once these factors have been factored in, the Ad Auction is conducted by Google, and you are awarded any available advertising spots alongside search results related to your keywords. PPC is a powerful and effective form of advertising, but the strategy can be daunting. PPC experts can help you grow your business with tailored PPC ads that drive results without breaking the bank. Why wait? Grow your business with PPC today. Best Of Luck!

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