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Hotstar video downloader App

download hotstar video

Thought for watching content online like Hotstar and from higher trending opportunity. This sounds good.

However, have you ever think to keep them offline on your computer and smartphone?

Therefore doing such things, all hotstar video becomes alive.

   Movie Download App

Well, In this blog post will understand how to download hotstar video from Hotstar video downloader app.

Moreover, this is the free opportunity apps now available among us to download “Hotstar video downloader for pc” including a smartphone.


We all know well that how good Hotstar is to provide live streaming video like High-quality HD movies, serials, and others live events.

A movement comes while watching a certain video to download from Hotstar. So suddenly a point clicks into our mind to download Hotstar video and start hunting how to download Hotstar serials in pc?

It includes several causes like sharing with friends and family or keeping them offline to watch next time without spending another’s internet data and storing safer side to avoid internet buffer.

The cause maybe differs from person to person to download Hotspot video, but, motivation will remain the same.

However, Hotstar was found by Star networks in 2015, and it doing very well since it has launched.

And, Moreover, it becomes more compatible when the time comes of traveling with own loving serials and live streaming game.

So before going in deep and focus on how to Hotstar video downloader online, first check the highlight section of the article.

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Highlight: Hotstar video downloader

In this passage, I have included some of the bullet points, which will help you to understand blog post in a shorter time.

However, some of the significant points may have included in the above passage and because of requirement, some points can be repeated here.

So let’s check what are these significant points to Hotstar video downloader apps free download?

  • Very first this Hotstar video downloader apps free download available link below have shared.
  • Download Hotstar video in HD.
  • Download Hotstar video in Pc.
  • Also, download Hotstar video on Android though App.
  • Hotstar users have the opportunity to download video with a variety of video and audio quality.
  • High-speed download functionality is available with Hotstar.

Hotstar video downloader for pc! Hotstar Downloader

Above most of all significant points, I have been discussed including the elements. These all elements below you will learn to use.

So let’s first focus on to download video to your smartphone and this opportunity available for various smartphone version.

Process: Hotstar video downloader

So much awaited tricks finally available here. However in this Process: Hotstar video downloader for smartphone, we are going to receive the help of external apps called “Hotstar Video Downloader”,

This app freely available on the internet and however it is high rated apps which have achieved higher review and ratings.

Hotstar Video Downloader is being users by me and it has been given 100% satisfactory result since I am using.

So let’s check how to apply Hotstar video downloader for pc.

  • Below have shared the downloading link to download Video.

   Download Hotstar Video

  • After downloaded, go to install Apk file to own smartphone. In case if receive Unknown Sources warning then move for smartphone settings and enable Installation from unknown sources.

Hotstar video downloader

  • Now go to open Hotstar app and inside you will see a list of apps which it supports, And tap on view more button to see Hotstar link.

how to download hotstar video

  • From list Hotstar appears. Tap to open it.

download Hotstar video

  • Very next you will be redirected to Hotstar website with in-app, here you appear a lot of videos and more. And above you have search box to search any video, movies, and other interesting things.
  • On Hotstar Video playback page, you will be able to see a small download button at the bottom left corner, Just tap on it.

how to download Hotstar serials in pc

  • Now a bunch of the video quality appears here. So choose any respective among them to download.

how to Hotstar video downloader online

  • Very next a popup appears with selected video quality along with the “Start Download” button.

Hotstar video download

  • This downloading process starts in minutes, till it starts don’t leave the Hotstar downloading page.

Hotstar video downloader for pc

This is the 1MiB batch CMD file that helps you to download desired Hotstar video and like above this is also open source which link below have shared.

Sometimes this “hotstar video downloader for pc” don’t work and have seen others complaining about this. But, if required must check also.

  • Hotstar video downloader link here have shared. So use this Download button to    Download Hotstar video.
  • After downloading this Rar folder must extract on to your Desktop desired place.
  • Very next change this file name as “hotstarlivesteamer”.

Online how to Hotstar video downloader

  • Automatically a Command prompt(CMD) windows will be opened.
  • Now hotstar video download link, just copy.
  • Paste the same URL in the CMD windows that opened automatically privily in the last step.
  • Now type “P” to download video or hit Enter.

downloader Hotstar video

  • Next, you will see that the downloading process has begun in the same folder.
Note: This is a process where Hotstar gives direct access to download any Hotstar video without installing any third party apps.

So enjoy this method.

Hotstar video downloader app for android

Above before last process “Hotstar video downloader for pc”, I have shown methods which serve the purpose to download Hotstar video for android. This below method serves the same purpose.

But only process and apps different which required to follow and download.

So let’s check what is that.

  • Very first Open the Hotstar app.
  • Search any video to download.
  • Now Tap the video.
  • After plying the Hotstar video, go to right click playback, and very next you will see small Download button.

Hotstar Video Downloader App

  • Click to Download button to save the video to your phone.
  • This downloading process takes little time, so wait till it doesn’t get finished the downloading process.

In this process, you will have seen that we have used the official apps to download Hotstar video. So enjoy applying this method also.

Hotstar & Amazon others video Downloader


This is one of the amazing alternative video downloaders for any Android users. In this passage from which Android apps have been introduced until now, it has not any disagreement. And most amazing things apart from Hotstar & Amazon, you can get to download any other available video like Hollywood and Bollywood movies including serials.

Its installation process and operation process quite simple and quick which does not demand your long time to stick with.

Most others may aware of this application called “Telegram”, which is also similar to the messenger app. If you are not aware of this movie downloading Android apps. So let’s check how it performs.

Step process: Hotstar & Amazon others video Downloader

Earlier I have tried to introduce you toward some significant methods thought the Hotstar video downloader app including PC and Android phones to download Hotstar video. However, if still, you are eager to familiar with some step process download videos.

So here below I have suggested some more methods which are quite compatible with your android phone to download Hotstar video.

And to download video, this suggested android app is freely available.

  • Very first go to Google play store and search “Telegram”.
  • After downloading it and install.
  • Completed above both processes go to open Telegram and make account register your mobile number.
  • In last search anything like serials or movies which you want to download. After check down and download & watch.

After completing all above process go to enjoy and for more additional downloading apps information must visit shared link “Best free movie download apps for Android”.

Additional method download all premium video

This method to download Hotstar video quite simple. Thought following here methods you are available to download all premium video from Amazon & Netflix, not only Hotstar video.

Hence, introducing this method not similar to earlier suggested methods to download the video. Thought to stick with this process you are recommended to drive toward the same process, which below has included. 

And make sure you do not skip any steps, thought happening such things can help you to put some additional effort into Hotstar video download together Amazon and Netflix prime video.

So let’s confirm to smoothly drive to download the premium video.

Want to check:

Telegram review and rating & Device requirement.


  1. Very first hold your mobile phone, and unlock it to browse Google play store to download Telegram. And this android app is free to download Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon, and other Tv items. Here if eager to attend how to download Telegram. So drive this shared link.
  2. Now go to open your Android phone internet browser, and search Hotstar Telegram video channel, Amazon video channel, and Netflix video channel, among them when one like type and drive.
  3. On the search engines, you can view many channels are listed. So go towards them and on the right side can visible a button called join channel. So tab channel to join.
  4. Now here you will be redirected to Telegram, there you can see successfully added channel.
  5. Now type here any name of prime video like serials, Tv- shows, Movies, etc to download.

Wrap Up: Hotstar video downloader! Download & Watch Full Episode [2019]

Earlier I have included some of the best Hotspot video downloader app among step processes compatible with Android phones and desktop. And significantly to download Hotstar video, Amazon & Netflix video, this is free or open-source apps, which link above have shared toward the step process.

Before introducing you all step process to download video I have made my own practice thought to download the video. Moreover, this is free privileges to download the prime video.

Thought driving from top to bottom if you don’t understand any point so connect toward below comment box section to get a quick revert with respect to download free Hotstar video.

Keep connected with us to get the latest update.

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