Hair transplant in Gurgaon Risks and Benefits

Hair transplant in Gurgaon is a surgical procedure in which surgeons remove follicles from one body area and transplant them to a different area. It is typically used to treat male pattern baldness. Also, Its benefits are significant and lasting. It can do on both men and women. This procedure can even reverse the effects of aging and genetics. However, it is important to understand the risks of this procedure before undergoing it.

The procedure can be invasive, so it is essential to know what to expect. It would help if you planned for several follow-up visits, and It can take anywhere from two to four hours. The procedure is done over several days and is usually painless. You may need to take anti-inflammatory drugs or pain medication for a few days afterward. Depending on the area of your scalp, you can go back to work a few days after the surgery.

The procedure usually involves cutting a strip of scalp from the donor area. The surgeon will then slice the strip into several pieces. During the process, your surgeon will make several tiny holes in your scalp to separate the pieces. These small fragments are called grafts. Your new hair will implant into these small spaces. The donor site will be closed, and you will give medication to slow your hair loss. This procedure may repeat in two to three months.

What must you need to know while planning a hair transplant?

After the hair transplant, you should expect redness around the donor area. This is normal and expected to fade. Your doctor will use a tube-like instrument to punch the round grafts in the recipient area. Once the grafts have implant into the recipient area, the new skin will stitch in place. After a week, the redness and swelling should be gone. The scars will heal on their own.

After the hair transplant, your hair will begin growing again. The surgeon will cut a larger scalp from the donor area and move the grafts into the bald spot. You may need more than one procedure to achieve the result you desire. The entire process will take about three to seven days. Once the procedure is over, you will need to take a week off work and rest. Your doctor will explain to you what to expect during the recovery process.

Most Hair Transplant in Delhi procedures are safe, and there are several complications associated with the procedure. Some patients take a mild sedative before the procedure and return home the next day. Infections are uncommon and can treat with antibiotics. During the first few days after a hair transplant, the patient will experience fever and will need to stay overnight. But after this, you can return to work on the following day. A successful hair transplant can take as little as one day.


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