Reset Administrator Password In Windows 7: Without Admin Rights

Reset Administrator Password In Windows 7: New Tips

Resetting administrator password windows 7

Resetting administrator password windows 7:- Today in these tutorials I have tabled you a small and safest trick to “reset administrator password windows 7 command prompt”. To apply this latest trick you do not need to outsource any software or programming languages.

On the internet a lot of online and offline programmed are available which claims to ‘windows 7 login without password‘ but most of the time those come up with new problems such as to erase our significant documents like PDf file, Videos, your Gmail or any backup files. Read hear how to Recover Permanently Deleted Files/Folder in Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.

Meanwhile who hanged up such a problem most of the time visit on Google and keep scrolling the same question likewise to search “how to bypass administrator password windows 7” but don’t get needful feedback from Google. So to remove those problems here I have served you a latest and safest trick to apply “windows 7 login without password”.

Who are facing such a problem how to reset admin password on windows 7 you are in the right place here to apply the safest trick to ‘reset administrator password windows 7 command prompt’. And also, while applying the method you are going to see how to login windows 7 without password and how this method gives you fine output.

how to reset admin password on windows 7

Meanwhile before considering this trick I want to alert you that this trick is to resetting administrator password windows 7 I have tested only for Windows 7 along with Windows XP, and not for Windows Vista or any other windows, But I have seen that few have successfully applied this method for others windows also. Hence without making prolong this discussion how to resetting administrator password windows 7 without command prompt let’s have a look below steps.

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Focus: Reset Administrator Password In Windows 7

At the end of this paragraph, I have presented you a fancy table, which works is to give you to clear picture about the whole article of how to bypass administrator password windows 7 with what are the basic requirement and what is not. And after passing throughout the table if you fill to stick with it, so go ahead to follow next doorstep of the method of reset windows 7 password command prompt.

Focus Keywords
To reset administrator password you are not required outsource any application software.
Windows 7 login without a password.
No need any USB Flash drive to bypass administrator password windows 7.
Not required to share your credential information with anyone such as on online mode.
The process to bypass administrator password windows 7 done without a touch of your any document.

Method how to reset administrator password windows 7 

End of this paragraph I am recommending you go and apply the method of how to remove administrator password in windows 7. And make sure that does not skip any single step because below noted every step has its own important works to serve.

Hack windows

This same method I have applied for my own to windows 7 login without password and it worked fine. This method has 99% success rate. While applying this method, if it does run on your own then also it will not prove harmful to your document because this method is not sophisticated.

1:-Turn on your Computer.

2:- Once you see Windows Logo, instantly long press your Power Off Button.

3:-Turn On Your Windows and you will able to see Windows Error Recovery, select “Startup repair Recommended.


4:- And then you can see “Startup Repair Searching for problems”  and then it Shows Restore. Click on Cancel Button.

5:- Your Repair will take around 10 to 15 minutes.


6:-After 10 to 15 minutes startup repairs shows cannot repair this computer automatically. Just click on problems and Scroll down, then click on.

7:- Now go to Computer and your -> C:/windows/system32

 8:- Now select a file of “All files” and then click on inside of the box. Search “CMD “and “ and copy that “CMD” files, past it in same windows.


9:- Now search a file in the name of “sethc” and Rename it as “sethc1”.


10:-Refresh your current windows by pressing (F5), and again rename of your copied cmd file as “sethc”.

11:- Now close your windows and restart your computer.

12:- Once Log On appears, Press SHIFT key 5 times.

 13:- Now open your Cmd prompt windows and then type “net user”.

14:- Now you can see Administrator of your computer and then type net user admin name (For example =net user Naveen *)

15:- Type a password for the user:  Retype the password to confirm: Leave it as blank.

16:- Now close your cmd windows and don’t type anything on password box, just enter button.

Now you can see that you have successfully have hacked windows without having lost any file. Please follow all the steps as written step by step.

Conclusion for how to remove administrator password in windows 7

Above I have described you for every single important aspect and I hope this tutorial helps you to windows 7 login without password. This is the quickest method from which I have introduced you. This process does not have any bug like to corrupt your document. Meanwhile while applying this method if you face any problem or it does not run for you then find below appropriate box to comment me.

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