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Gb WhatsApp Download Apk Free Full Latest Version For Android Phone

by Adam Smith

Gb Whatsapp download apk

Gb whatsapp home

Gb Whatsapp download apk free latest version for Android phone“:- Today Whatsapp has more than 100 Milion users and each and every day new users are keep connecting with it. Where WhatsApp has few limited features but now in the market, one new apk is capturing the place of WhatsApp, which name is Gb WhatsApp.

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This apk is also free like WhatsApp. It works same like WhatsApp but the most interesting thing is that Gb WhatsApp has not any restriction like WhatsApp. And similarly, it update comes like WhatsApp new update.

Here you have a chance to “Download Gb WhatsApp apk free latest version”Gb WhatsApp has the better performance result in comparing to WhatsApp. I heard about Gb WhatsApp before a few days back and I tried Gb WhatsApp in one of my Android phone and this is my own experience that when I compared Gb WhatsApp apk from WhatsApp I got varieties of awesome different functions, Which never can compare with an apk like WhatsApp.

In a matter of privacy, no one social networking sites like Facebook or Google+ or Social apk are fully safe. Before a few days back you might have heard that WhatsApp creased and the most significant thing is that every social networking sites or Social networking apk like WhatsApp or Gb WhatsApp are being monitored by an organizational authorized person.

Gb Whatsapp

So today with the help of this article I will fully guide you about to “free WhatsApp GB download apk free latest version of the Android phone”. In below I have noted down each and every step without skipping of any single one also, I have uploaded a youtube video from which you can have an idea that how well Gb WhatsApp apk perform in any Android phones.

Gb WhatsApp download apk free (Info)

Gb Whatsapp has come with a unique view and I am sure that when you start using to Gb WhatsApp you will love it because here you have an option to choose your own theme as per your choice and Gb WhatsApp has not any limitation like to send images, video or deleting chats. Almost the features of Gb WhatsApp are same as WhatsApp but the most important thing is that it has launched with advanced programming.

how to update whatsapp

Now in below, I will tell you to how to “Download whatsapp GB ApK free full version ” install. I have mentioned all the necessary element which is required to run Gb WhatsApp on your own Android phone. The download link to latest Gb WhatsApp apk I have shared below. So click the below link to download and install the Gb WhatsApp on your particular Android device and enjoy it.

 Application Info Description  GB WhatsApp
 Version  6.10
 Root Required  No
 App Size  33.45 MB
 Category  WA Mods
 Required  Android 4.0 +
 Developer  Omar
 Downloads  5,500,000 +
 Last Updated  23 /12/ 2017
 Main Task  Extra Features


WhatsApp Gb download apk free (Features Latest)

  • The features of Gb WhatsApp is really awesome. Now the download Gb WhatsApp apk free from here you have a chance of getting all the same function like original WhatsApp. In other word you can say that this WhatsApp GB Apk free full version has originated from WhatsApp only.
  • So in below, I have listed down few important features from Gb WhatsApp free full version.  If you are desired to know what are the features Gb WhatsApp has inbuilt with it so please read below information which I shared with you regarding GB WhatsApp apk full free version.
  • This Gb WhatsApp is same as Whatsapp.
  • Here you have Inbuilt DND function from which you can disable the WhatsApp internet connection.
  • You have an Ability to revoke multiple WhatsApp messages at once.
  • The most important function is that you have the option to hide and view privacy.
  • Gb WhatsApp Added an option for hiding chats, save the status/story.
  • Now Video Calling Feature is now working for Gb WhatsApp.
  • Now you can send the video file till the 50 MB.
  • Now can set up the group name till the 35 characters.
  • Make broadcast up to 600 people.
  • You can put the status of 255 characters instead of 139 characters without any issues
  • Bb WhatsApp does support the more than 100+ languages..
  • As the choice, you can change the theme for Gb WhatsApp Apk.
  • Mod to stay online for 24 hours
  • Usable with an official as Dual WhatsApp
  • Now can create your WhatsApp theme and submit it to GBWhatsApp Apk.
  • Gb WhatsApp Apk can send the images up to 90 in one click instead of 10 WhatsApp.
  • Has the ability to copy the selected text of WhatsApp and pasted to Gb WhatsApp Apk.
  • You can lock your Gb WhatsApp.
  • Gb WhatsApp special features to block calls and the specific contact of the particular person.
  • Gb WhatsApp can hide Last Seen for Selected Contacts.

Gb wahtsapp apk

I have noted above only a few important features from the Gb WhatsApp.  Which I thought to share with you an important one. Once you start using Gb WhatsApp Apk you will get to know some more added features which I haven’t mentioned before. Now let us move on further to the next paragraph to download apk free Gb WhatsApp full version permission to install on Android device.

GB WhatsApp installation process android setting

  • Download Gb WhatsApp  apk (Permissions)
  • As you all know that to download & install any apps on Android device you must have an unable the setting of an unknown source. This setting is available form before on every single Android device to keep safe your device from harmful apps.
  • So let’s enable the setting of an unknown source to Gb WhatsApp download apk free full version to install. If you don’t know how to enable unknown source setting on your Android device so look below images to enable your setting to Gb WhatsApp download apk free full version to install on your Android device.
  • Go to the setting on your Android Phone.

unknown source settings

  • Click on security.

GB whatsapp install secruity

  • Find out the unknown source and push it to install Gb WhatsApp apk on your Android phone.

Puss on unknown source

  • Now Click ok to give final move.

GB whatsApp apk download free

Gb WhatsApp download apk free full latest version (Installation)

  • The link which I have shared before just click on and download the Gb WhatsApp and then look below carefully all the steps about to Gb WhatsApp install apk process. Make sure that do not skip any process which I have mentioned below because each step has its own importance to give you a proper result in order to Gb WhatsApp perform.

                                                            Download Gb WhatsApp                            Download

Gb WhatsApp apk download free full version

  • Find out your downloaded ‘Gb WhatsApp’ file click on it.

Gb WhatsApp apk download full version on android phone

  • Click on next and give permission to install Gb WhatsApp on your android phone.

GB WhatsApp install

  • Click on next to Install the Gb WhatsApp Apk on your Android phone.

GB WhatsApp

  • Click on to install button.

Gb WhatsApp install full version

  • Now you can see that Gb WhatsApp Apk installation process has begun on your Android phone.

Install gbwhatsapp final step

  • Now you can see that your Gb WhatsApp apk setup has installed on your Android phone.

GB WhatsApp apk open

  • Now click on to agree on term and condition of Gb WhatsApp.

GB whatsApp agree term and condition

  • Enter your Gb WhatsApp Apk mobile no and click on next button.

Gb WhatsApp contact no

  • Let connect your mobile no with Gb WhatsApp and click on ok button to verify it.

Gb Whatsapp apk mobile no

  • Now you will receive six digits of code on your shared no with Gb WhatsApp. So just enter the inappropriate place.

Gb WhatsApp verify

  • Now read the popup and act properly by clicking on any one option as per your requirement.

Gb WhatsApp download apk free full latest version

  • Now enter your profile name and click on next button.

Gb Whatsapp profile name enter

  • Click on to remind me later.

Gb whatsapp remind me later

  • Now click on to ok button.

Gb whatsApp ok button

  • Now you can have a first look at Gb WhatsApp full version free Apk on your Android Phone.

Gb WhatsApp Invite friend

  • Now click on to Setting and can compare with Gb WhatsApp with WhatsApp.

Gb WhatsApp compare with whatsapp

Whatsapp Gb (Video Installation Tutorial)

As on top, I discussed youtube video for Gb WhatsApp download Apk free full version”.  In this video, I have recorded every single movement from beginning to end about how to download Gb WhatsApp and how to install ‘Gb WhatsApp Apk’ on your android device. So must watch this video.

Gb WhatsApp download apk free ( Conclusion)

So finally now you can see that how well this Gb WhatsApp works on your Android device without any error and in the first look, it seems same like WhatsApp and later on when you reach on this Gb WhatsApp setting you will see that how well this is organized.

Above share all the information I have been taken from various trusted sources those who are accountable for review and rating. Moreover, most significantly these also do data manipulation.

Once you get familiar with this Gb WhatsApp you will get to know how good this app. So keep connecting with https://infosorce.com


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