Free Live Streaming on YouTube! Let’s set up Streamlabs OBS

Live streaming on Youtube

Free live streaming on Youtube

Today, we all have acknowledged how live streaming on Youtube plays a significant role in their possible success. Just a few times back most of us were not aware of free live streaming on YouTube or Facebook or Twitch and, judging that streaming is a hard process that needs a big amount of time to spend there.

However, which is absolutely wrong, Don’t you think?

In the current era, there are numbers of streaming software available. Among them, which one you like can stick with or hold it.

Most of us are familiar with streaming software, but not acknowledge how to associate with this software. So today in this blog post- Free live streaming on YouTube. I will initiate a program thought to connect or how to set up Streamlabs OBS for live streaming on YouTube.

There are not seated or restricted any rules that streaming is fixed for certain areas.

Further going in detail, we ll preview What are things that can be done while going for live streaming?

So first let’s check What are things we need to have before going live?

Highlight- Free live streaming on Youtube

As driving the blog post title- Free live streaming on Youtube? Let’s see how Streamlabs OBS can be set up in minutes.

You will have seen that there are two words “Youtube and Streamlabs OBS” that have been marked under few colors.

So the blog post is purely based on it and will see how today we can combine YouTube + Streamlabs OBS with each other thought to live to stream.


Among all, we can not deny that some of the lands here aren’t familiar with the word of Youtube. Here, driving the blog post blog you will never get any introduction part regarding Youtube.

But those who are latecomers inside the live streaming areas and not familiar with the Streamlabs OBS software and, has a query that is What Streamlabs OBS?

So later has included a particular session to acknowledge What Streamlabs OBS?

Moving forward let’s see what blog post is going to move.

  1. Introduced a live streaming software named a Streamlabs OBS. 
  2. Later will see how to Set up Streamlabs OBS with YouTube to become live.
  3. Beside will learn to Set up Streamlabs OBS with Youtube- its Webcam, Game capture, Windows capture, Audio voice, image, an alert button inside the chatbox, and there are tonnes of configuration functions are available under the Scene, Source, Mixed.


Thousands of us have underlined our own regarding live streaming software is the premium software that is easily not available.

So it is not true and there are tonnes of the live streaming software are available to free download and install and, among them, Streamlabs OBS software being used by me which has thousands of inbuilt functions.

What is Streamlabs OBS software?

Streamlabs obs is the live streaming software where OBS stands for  (Open broadcaster software). And we can see that Streamlabs OBS is the contribution or combination of two words.

The first one Streamlabs and, second one is OBS. If I am right now, so can be sure that with Streamlabs OBS, second-word OBS is not Anonymous in the current era.

And, We all understandthat is what meant for?

However, while truly speaking most of us don’t exist in detail besides the live broadcasting What are the other functions Streamlabs OBS can perform?

So let’s associate with them, among some of the above have listed.

  1. Live chat budget.
  2. Emotes to cheers (desired to buy some of the additional emotes. So there is a need to make payment. However, to make the payment, there are thousands of alternatives available. Among them, Paypal is the best one that can also transfer your gained donation amount directly into your bank account.

Thus who are familiar with how to create Paypal account. So just follow the shared link.

  1. Streamlabs OBS has an automated alert button that is established to perform cheers or to collect donations. (Those who don’t know how to combine Youtube and Streamlabs OBS chat alert button. So hover your mouse on upon the shared link thought to set up a donation button on Twitch. And, make a note that to set up Streamlabs OBS alerts button exists the same for Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, or others.)
  2. Some of the main functions are available under the Streamlabs OBS home dashboard- Sense, Source, Mixed, and apart from it there are multiple useful configured functions are available to configure.
  3. There are some other settings available that totally belong over the internet speed. It means while having higher browsing speed can go to functionalize it as streaming on high mode or stick to the normal operation mode.
  4. The single window tells multiple inside stories. Like the same Live streaming software can go live for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch thought operating multiple tasks- Streaming game, Teaching, Dancing, Singing, and there are tons of uses available to function.


Some basics of the Streamlabs OBS have pointed above the blog post that is how to set up Streamlabs OBS for Youtube.

And, some of the little focused points have not mentioned inside the post that after operating the Streamlabs OBS it streamers are going to have an experience.

How to setup live streaming Streamlabs OBS software?

Thought to setup Streamlabs OBS software to live streaming on Youtube. Its configuration needs to set up in two places. Among them, the first one is the drive surrounding Youtube and the second one is Streamlabs OBS.

However, driving beside the Youtube doesn’t have to perform max, but while scrolling the Streamlabs OBS. It needs your small contraction thought to set it up.

In comparison to Streamlabs OBS, there are hundreds of streaming applications available. So among them, I found it best that it is being used by me several times.

And, its review and rating is amazing and does not have any bugs. Now it is available for Android, Desktop, or Laptop (Windows, Linux, Mac ). So let’s check how to set up Streamlabs OBS for Youtube?

  • Very first go to download and install your live streaming Streamlabs OBS software for Youtube. Here is the link. So hover your mouse over the DOWNLOAD thought to process.

However, the Streamlabs OBS file size is all about 240MB, and its installation process is similar to other software that you install in your Pc.

To make you more comfortable below has shared a Youtube video. There in detail has shared its demo.

So if there is any dispute while installing the Streamlabs OBS live streaming software, then, without wasting your time, watch the included video.

  • Now go to open your installed Streamlabs OBS software and on the first preview of live streaming software. There on the down three options are available. These are Sence, Source, Mixed. Among them, the most significant one is Source which deserves to become more familiar, and inside there are tons of the functions available.
    • Sense, there on the Streamlabs OBS dashboard can preview a + sign under the Scene. So head over your mouse and think about creating a new scene.
    • Source,  There are multiple of the significant functions available. Like- Display capture, Window capture, Audio, and Webcam are available. Apart from listed some of the others available, that demands your concentration to enable it.
      • Display Capture, It demands to adjust your desktop or Laptop screen size as per your own.
      • Window Capture, It performs similar to the display capture but not is similar. Inside the window capture, you have the opportunity to live stream particular sections of your system. Such as if decided to go live only with Google Chrome, File, Software. So have the opportunity to stream. And, it is divided into two sections too.
        • Window, Select, or head over your window screen thought to go live with.
        • Window Match Priority, This portion is a highly difficult thought define. So there are some lists that appear that deserve to drive one after one and need to preview what changes are coming after each other?
      • Game Capture, It is specially designed to monitor or live-stream your window game and, also divided into two sections- Mode and Hook Rate.
        • Mode, Under the need to stabilize with Auto mode.
        • Hook,  Under the Hook, deserves to select Normal. It works very fine with lower web speed.
    • Mixer, It is purely based on Audio that what quality their streamers deserve to have. So set up your finger as per your own system and web speed.
  • Insert API key from Youtube to Streamlabs OBS software, In this process am going to copy the Youtube API key and paste it inside the Streamlabs OBS for live streaming Youtube.
    • Youtube channel, Very first go to open and log in your Youtube channel inserting there login id and password.
      • Youtube studio, Now go to hover your mouse over the Youtube profile image thought to get Youtube Studio.
      • Go live, After heading over to the Youtube studio you will reach on the next window to find out the Go live button which is available on the right side of the top Youtube. So click on it.
      • Now on the left-hand side, there are four more buttons available (Stream, Webcam, Manage, Stream now classic). Among them, go to hover on Stream thought to click. Now it needs to complete certain information like streaming name, description, title, and so many things. So after completing all over there on down a button available to proceed next.
        • Now there again you are going get some three information buttons like- Stream settings, Analytics, Stream health. So among them click on Stream settings thought to get Stream key. Just copy this API key to paste.
      • Insert API key inside the Streamlabs OBS, Now shift on your Streamlabs OBS software to get Settings, which available on the down left side.
        • Stream, There under the settings head over on stream to insert there Youtube API key and, in last to finish process click on done button.


Driving the blog post I have tried to present above each of the significant information.

These steps I have designed from my own with the thought that how to make as possible simple and legitimate.

No one can deny that from before if you don’t have any knowledge of streaming software setup. So may you encounter some basic problems.

So to remove such disputes make a note to follow steps as above available.

Video to setup Streamlabs OBS on YouTube

Below has included a link to a Youtube video thought it can help you more while going for live streaming on Youtube.

However, rolling the video and steps. It is possible to face some problems while matching with each other.

Because combining Youtube video and text format becomes a little different. So some of the video parts may differ that have submitted above in top, middle, or last. 

Therefore don’t get confused while setting up the live streaming Streamlabs OBS software for Youtube.

Wrap up live streaming on Youtube

So driving the blog post most of the significant points I have included. Among 90% of I have shared my own experience due to streaming on Twitch, Youtube, Facebook.

And to make a more simple program inside the blog post with a step process I have included its video that can help you more while setting up the Streamlabs OBS for Youtube.

This is the best streaming software still available on the internet which is available as open-source for live game, teaching, singing, or any live broadcasting similar to own tv channel production.

However, driving the blog post scrolling top to button if you connect with any disputed points. So without fail to connect with the comment box section to resolve your undigested points.

Keep connected with us to get more information regarding the latest trend.

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