Best Free Email Clients to Use on Your Desktop Computer in 2019

Best Free Email Clients to Use

It’s a common belief that email clients, which were extremely popular some ten years ago, are now useless and somewhat out of fashion. Though we don’t share this opinion completely, we realize that it’s not devoid of sense. Nowadays, when web-based email services are making massive inroads into the world of email management software, more and more users tend to forget about email clients and opt for their feature-rich alternatives.

Still, as we have noted, there are enough reasons to keep on relying on good old email software that will never get outdated.

Currently, the majority of those users who have decided to remain loyal to desktop email programs opt for Postbox and Microsoft Outlook. There’s nothing to say. They are a nice choice, still, truth be told, quite expensive. Moreover, they are more suitable for business users who need to manage multiple accounts in a timely manner. If you’re looking for an email management tool to handle one or two accounts, there’s no need to opt for a pricey application. Check our list of free clients to find the tools that will help you manage your emails in an efficient manner.


Best Free Email Clients

If you’re looking for a multi-platform email client that won’t cost you a bundle, consider using Thunderbird. Though the given tool was discontinued almost seven years ago, it still receives timely updates is widely used by people all over the world. Of course, Thunderbird is incapable of competing with modern email management software packed with advanced features, it’s no inferior to any average web-based email client. Among its noteworthy features are an intuitive and easily navigable interface, advanced message filters, and auto-responding support. People like this Free email marketing software.

For the time being, Thunderbird is compatible with all popular operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, which enables you to use your favorite client on computers running different OS.

On top of that, recently they have released Thunderbird Portable, which, as its name suggests, can be used on mobile devices. If you opt for the portable version, you’ll be able to quickly manage your email on the go.



Just like our previous pick, Mailspring can be used on a variety of desktop devices. In 2017, when Mailspring was finally made open-source by its developers, lots of users got an opportunity to appreciate its potential. Since then, Mailspring team has done a great deal to improve their product. Now you can enjoy quicker syncing, faster launch time, less memory usage, and lots of other improves features Mailspring’s email client now boasts.

Mailspring is famed for such functions as its ability to create unlimited accounts and unified inbox, vast collection of emojis, layouts, and themes, which may help you spice up the insipid look of your mailbox. Moreover, with Mailspring, you have a chance to undo the emails you’ve sent within a certain period of time.

You can also avail yourself of Mailspring’s Pro version, which is paid. For about $8, you’ll get scheduled and snooze email support, powerful template support, follow-up reminders, updates about the status of sent emails, and many other features only Pro version can provide.



What most users like about Sylpheed is that it’s totally free. Just like that! No strings attached. Sylpheed can be run on Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop computers. Its old-fashioned interface and somewhat orthodox approach to managing your email don’t detract from its multiple benefits and overall appeal.  Unlike most modern email management programs overburdened with superfluous features, Sylpheed remains focused on its main task – to help you send, search, and sort your emails. Moreover, the client in question sports more advanced options you may benefit from, i.e., fast launch, junk mail control, and the ability to encrypt your messages.  Sylpheed is relatively undemanding in terms of software requirements. This lightweight can run smoothly even on low-end machines without compromising its efficiency.

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