How to Format USB Flash Drive by Command Prompt to make Windows Installer

Format USB Flash Drive using Command Prompt

Before beginning, in short, it needs to discuss first,  Why Command Prompt is so important, what is the benefit of using Command Prompt,  What is the uses of Command Prompt and then How to Format USB Flash Drive by Command Prompt to make Windows Bootable. Also, know latest tricks  How to Format USB Flash Drive by Command Prompt to make Windows Installer. it varies useful tools which you must use.

Create a USB Flash Drive

  • What is Command Prompt.
  • Why Command Prompt is so important.
  • What are benefits of using Command Prompt.
  • How to access Command Prompt
  • How to Format USB Flash Drive by Command Prompt to make Windows Installer.

Lets discuss each one.

What is Command Prompt to make window installer

Also, Command prompts called as Command line interpreter application, In nowadays it available in mostly Windows Operating System.

Command Prompt is officially called Windows Command Processor but is also sometimes called the cmd prompt or command shell, or even referred to by its filename cmd.exe.

Command Prompt is so important to format USB flash drive

Command Prompt is used to execute entered commands. Most of those commands are used to automate tasks via scripts. It performs advanced administrative functions and troubleshoots and solves certain kinds of Windows issues, Which other application cannot perform to resolve your Windows issues.

Using Command Prompt to format USB flash drive

In short, just think to inc-rise your PC and laptop perform, Resolving the issues, Also check out new tricks How to Control Your Android Device from Your PC. Checking what unnecessary program is running on your screen and to stop them all to increase your PC and Laptop performance.

How to access Command Prompt

In beginning to open your Command Prompt, you need to click on start program and in the search box just type cmd, Press Enter. Now you can see a program window appears, where you can write your command prompt code. 

Format USB Flash Drive by Command Prompt to make Windows Installer

Command Prompt is varied useful tools to Format your USB Flash Drive and makes it as Windows installer, just you need to follow some steps.

Let’s see the image below.

Usb Flash

  1. Type ->Diskpart.
  2. Type ->Listdisk.
  3. Type ->Select Disk 1.
  4. Type ->Clean.
  5. Type ->Create Partition Primary.
  6. Type ->Active.
  7. Type ->Format FS=NTFS Quick.
  8. Type ->Assign.
  9. Type ->Exit.

Once you did with this process just check your USB Flash Drive and now the second work is, how to copy our Windows in USB Flash drive. You have a lot of option to copy your Windows in your USB Flash Drive. You can choose any of them, But the best way is you should copy your Windows in your USB Flash Drive by using Command Prompt. So let’s type some code to copy your Windows to USB Flash Drive.

Bootable USB Flash Drive

  • Type your Pc or Laptop drive Path, where the file is. For example here am typing ->D: and press Enter.
  • Type ->dir ” Now you can see all the details about the file”.
  • Type Your USB Flash Drive path.\\\\\For the example here am typing I:\\\\\
  • In I:\>copy “Folder or your file name” h: \\\\\”Note- here h is my drive where am looking save my document”\\\\\.

And now you have done with the process, just check your USB Flash drive detail, that just type USB Flash Drive path like I: and enter and then type dir and press enter and You will able to see all the directory detail of your USB Flash Drive that what document you have inside.

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