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Five Alluring office décor ideas

by ayushi

From the past few years, it’s noticeable that the transformation of workspace habitat is inevitable. The young crowd needs to amalgamate well with work culture Environment. Interior décor in office spaces plays a key role in designing or decorating a space, let it be lights, furniture’s, wall décor all these elements add beauty to the space.

Let’s discuss about the 5 Thrilling office decors elements


Light & shade the intriguing aspect of a space that uplift the mood and spreads comfort, a certain amount of luminance that fall on interior décor it adds depth to the surface. And of course who doesn’t like to be under a good lighting? Lights needed to be selected appropriately that integrate with the spaces that assist the functionality of the user and the lights are selected with certain luminance ratios that complement the space. Most of the interior designing companies in Bangalore adapt versatile designs of lighting that enhance their office spaces. Lighting differs from space to space according to the functionality of the user. Impact of natural lighting is also a major concern when we talk of lighting and its effect in a interior office space. When you plan a space, create large window openings where natural light penetrates into the space and this helps the office space to consume less amount of energy. Commercial interiors prefer adapting subtle color walls, Natural lightling falls on lighter colors to make the space look bright. Considering the idea of larger window opening for better natural luminanace will give a different look and feel to a space.


Commercial office interior designs are constantly Progressing with bigger and better design perspective.Light and shadow are two major  elements that connects a space,and acts as moodboaster,playing around with light and color has become a ruling trend in commercial interiors.Commercial office spaces acts as a physical intreaction area for the people,Suffiecient amount of light and proper selection of colors edifice the mood & mental health of the people.

Texture & Pattern

Are we bored of the usual painted walls? Tangible & intangible elements such as textures and patterns plays a significant role in a design,which also reforms the aesthetic of a space. Pattern is often applied using wall coverings, tile, carpeting, and other graphic elements. Like texture and patterns also define surfaces, impact scale, convey a design style, and add visual balance to a space. Creating a ceratin grandeur influences the users physical ability and brightens their mindfullness.

1. Bumble office, London and 2. Pixie office – Both the spaces showcases the holistic idea of in cooperating appropriate light, Hue, pattern & texture.

Interior Landscaping

For decades Architects and designers are in cooperating plants into spaces, a lot of commercial interiors are including vertical garden, green walls and other interior landscaping. Since pollution level is higher than before it’s very important that we need to have a small niche for indoor plants around us, even when we sleep, work, and eat! Indoor plants spreads positive vibe and generate a certain level of energy, it transforms our physical health and mental health. It helps to create a better working and living environment while increasing productivity.

                                               Tokorozawa campus – Tokyo

Interior furniture’s

Interior furniture plays a key role in interior space designs; installing minimal and weightless movable furniture’s which doesn’t occupy much space and makes it look visually balanced. Choose furniture’s that amalgamates with the existing décor and analyzing the foot flow of people. Furniture’s and color takes up the major role in designing a space, adapting colors that stands for your brand. The style of furniture selected for the space speaks about you design style and spreads an impression on customers who visit the space.     

                          Red seer strategy consultants’ office, Bangalore

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