How To Finding Long Tail Keywords Tool To Write Blog That Go Viral After Keyword Research And Analysis

Finding Long Tail Keywords Tool To Write Blog That Go Viral After Keyword Research And Analysis

Finding long tail keywords tool to write a blog that goes viral:-  Today increasing organic traffic on Google or in any search engine it’s most important that you use long tail keywords research and analysis. While finding long tail keywords in the market lot of free tools are available. So today in this tutorials I am going to discuss you how to use long tail keywords with the help of few trusted and user-friendly tools. To keyword research here I will show you those few long tail keyword generator tools to research and analysis. Mostly are from Google tools and few of thirds party tools which give a better result. Also, Read  Combine All Your Email Accounts Into One Gmail Account.

How To Finding Long Tail Keywords Tool To Write Blog

Finding Long Tail Keywords Tool

 How to finding long tail keywords tool to write blog 

In below I am listing down few tools from which you need to use to boost your blog or post as soon as with the help of Google tools and others google extensions. Here I am not gone use you any kind of paid version Seo site because also using the paid version tools you will have the same result in order to boost your post. So let’s focus on long tail keywords tool.

Here you can see that I have listed few “finding long tail keywords tool to write a blog post” that goes viral after keyword research and analysis. Here all these tools have their own important and each one has their own specification.  These tools are perfect to work into their own work that was to put long tail keywords and how to Finding long tail keywords. So let’s begin one by one.

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First, choose the topic like on what topic you want to write your article. In order to ‘find long tail keywords using google keyword tool is the best way. Suppose for the example I want to download a video from youtube. So I will put inside of Google search engine just how to download (anything inside as per your choice just make sure that write only trending words) and now in below, you can see a lot of most searches reply from google. This all below reply shows that what is the mostly searches topic from google. Choose any one from those and make sure that check the long tail keyword. While choosing the long tail keyword you can get the most keyword. So here I am choosing  “How to download songs from youtube”.

long tail keyword

long tail keyword

Now when I have been chosen my long tail keyword so now the time comes to break this long tail keyword into small keyword like.

  • Download songs
  • songs from youtube
  • how to download songs
  • download songs from youtube

Now you can see that why to finding long tail keywords is so important. In upper you have seen the example of how you can split your long tail keyword into sort tail keywords. Have you ever seen that when you search anything on google in below also you get few questions from google reply? This all google reply also suggest you go use all those keywords into your blog.

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google trending long tail keywords

google trending long tail keywords

As I discussed before to more get google trending long tail keywords. So this is the best way to find some more keywords. In order to boost your post, you must try to use this all keywords into your blog. After using this all keywords you have more chance to boost your blog and within small time your post will get a boost. So now you have chosen your article keyword or few called is a topic title. Now the time has come to that how to find top Google searches of all times using google trend.

Find top google searches of all times using by google trend

Most of the beginner is not aware of this Google trend tools. This is the self-generated tools from Google itself. After choosing your topic now the time has come to know about the competition keyword for your particular subject. Also see xfinity wifi hack. While checking your competition and knowing the keyword competition just follow the google trend. While using the google trend here you have a lot of option to choose as per the requirement like selecting the time, focusing on a particular country or etc.

keyword tool or google analytics

keyword tool or google analytics

SO after using this google trend, you will have a better idea about your topic that in what way you choose your keyword. Suppose you are focusing on particular country or state. It will also help you in a proper way. Now let’s move on how to find long tail keywords using google keyword tool or Google Keyword Planner.

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Google keyword traffic tool

Google keyword planner provide you here keyword competition tool free. While using this google keyword planner you will have a better idea about your keyword competition. After following the google tools you will get to know which particular keyword how much competition has and which one keyword you have to choose. Google keyword planner also called keyword suggestion tool. While using it you will get google keyword traffic and also it help you choose your best keyword:-

  • More Search Volume.
  • Higher CPC.
  • Low Competition

Make sure that before choosing your keyword keep all this pinpoint into your mind. But also while using the google keyword planner here it has a bug because it doesn’t give you an exact idea about your keyword competition. So while using a  google extension we can remove this bug and can get exact search volume. To getting exact volume just download all keywords into CSV format from google keyword planner. Follow below few step.

  • Login your google keyword planner.
  • Click on tools.
  • In down just click on keyword planner
  • In “Search for new keywords using a phrase” in below appropriate box just hit your keyword.
  • In the last click on get ideas.
google keyword planner

google keyword planner

  • Now you can see a lot of keyword front of yours just download it into CSV format.
keyword competition tool free

download it into csv format

  • After downloading your all keywords open it into excel and copy all the keyword and before that just download a google extension called as Keywords Everywhere-keyword tool.

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Keywords Everywhere-keyword

To getting exact search volume, CPC, and competition. Here you need to download and install apps called keywords keg. This is keyword competition tool free and also user-friendly. It is known as keyword suggestion tool. While using this tools you will have a better idea about keyword competition that which keyword is most reliable to use.

keyword suggestion tool

keyword suggestion tool

Now just copy all this data and paste it into excel. After pasting it just short data into below format. After doing you have better idea that which one keyword has more search volume and CVC with the lowest competition. So follow the same process to getting a good keyword.

checking website traffic

checking website traffic

Also, you have to use below two more tools to checking website traffic and Keyword traffic. This both google tools have more significant roles in order to increase traffic to your website. So make sure to enable this google tools to the website only then your website can get organic traffic. This both tools have generated from Google itself.

Final words:-

So I hope after reading this article you will have a better idea in order using all these tools as keyword finder. In the market bulk of tools are available but most of the paid version and only a few are left out, and from them searching which one is best, it so difficult. So as above, I have suggested all the same tools which I used in order write my own article. So friends share this article that if someone needed then it can help to others also. So thanks for reading my article “Finding long tail keywords tool to write a blog that goes viral after keyword research and analysis”.

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