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Factors that Need Improvement Under PMAY Housing for All

by Saloni Singh

One of the most talked-about schemes under the BJP government has been the PMAY housing for all. Like all other schemes introduced by the Government of India, this too has been facing quite a few challenges. The scheme promises to offer homes to 30 million rural households and 18 million urban households until 2022.


This might sound a far-fetched dream, but the government has been trying everything in its power to achieve the targets. Since the start of the PMAY scheme, it has witnessed a few major speed bumps. You’ll find it when you compare the facts with the on-paper scheme design. 


In this article, we will talk about similar PMAY factors that could use a slight improvement.


  • Housing shortage

One of the biggest challenges that PMAY housing for all schemes has seen is the shortage of homes. According to a survey conducted by The Technical Group in the year 2012, the housing shortage was around 18.78 million. Besides, the survey also suggested that 80% of the housing shortage revolved around congested houses.


This in itself can only be addressed when an individual makes efforts to upgrade their home. Besides, the pace of construction under the existing PMAY scheme also highlights another downfall. It will take more time considering the current housing shortage estimates if the speed of construction is not ramped up.


  1. Scarce land

The idea of building millions of homes may sound simple, but when compared to the available land, it is a far-fetched dream. In order to solve this particular problem, the government is now focusing on congested housing. The properties which are already occupying the land can be transformed into a multi-storey building for the masses.

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To make this process easy, the government has introduced the Transfer of Development Rights in areas that fall under the in-situ rehabilitation slums housing category. Here the developers can acquire the land from residence and turn it into a less congested housing option. 


  1. Mismanaged records

Another area under the PMAY housing for all scheme that could utilise improvement is the overall record keeping. In order to be eligible for Pradhan Mantri housing loan, you must not own a pucca house already. However, the lack of mandatory registrations in the past has triggered a conflict of interest in this case.


There have been cases where the government is unable to verify if an individual already owns a pucca or slum house. Mainly since many people in India still live in their ancestral properties. The only solution to resolve this issue is by transferring all the existing on-paper registries to a virtual server.


  1. Vacant houses

The last challenge that is very evident under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana or PMAY housing for all is the utilisation of vacant homes. According to a survey conducted in 2011, over 10 million homes were left vacant. These properties belong to private holders who were unwilling to offer the place for rentals.


The number mentioned in the survey is almost half of the then-existing urban housing shortage volume. Therefore, encouraging such property owners to make the vacant houses available for rent could solve a significant housing problem. Besides, it could also make PMAY housing loan accessible to those who need them the most. 


The different factors mentioned above are all those where the government is already making improvements. Besides, the centre has also encouraged state governments to meet the targets and create a reform balance. The government is doing everything so that the ultimate goal of providing affordable housing for all or to the masses of India can be made possible by the end of next year.

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