How to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages from Facebook Messenger Recovery tool

Facebook Messenger Recovery tool: – Today we all have a facebook account. Only a few are left out. So in this tutorial “retrieve deleted facebook messages from facebook messenger recovery tool“, I am focusing more who uses facebook messenger. Not taking your too much time in this first two paragraph just I will give you a small brief about the whole tutorial. So just move on the topic how to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages from Facebook Messenger Recovery tool. Facebook focus mainly two kinds of the user in order to chat. One who uses few to Facebook and others who use more to Facebook. Before some time, Facebook launched an app and it named as facebook messenger. Also, know How To Upload Facebook Profile Picture Without Cropping Image Size.

great recovery tools

‘Facebook messenger recovery tool’ one of a great app for Facebook users.  While using facebook this messenger becomes more popular, user-friendly & handy with chatting and video/ audio calling. Some time by accidentally we delete our private chats and audio/ video messages. So friends here just I am introducing you a simple and quickest way to recover those facebook messages by using a facebook messenger recovery tool. Read My Previous Article How To Check Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile Without Any App Hence if you are suffering from this problem then stick with me and follow the below tutorials. Otherwise, you can directly jump on steps. So firstly let’s focus more on what is facebook messenger.

Facebook Messenger Recovery tool

All know that Facebook is the biggest player in social networking field where each and every time Facebook comes with new ideas. It’s all known that Facebook has every inbuilt feature like creating a Facebook page, Facebook group page, Facebook blog page, Facebook business page, Facebook education or for event etc. Suppose you are suffering a problem like how to recover deleted not archived messages on facebook or how do you find deleted messages on facebook. So just visit my website It will help you. Now the questions occur that way to use those facebook functions. The answer comes here to promote your product and developing your knowledge. While doing this we love to use chat.

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Now in order to chat we use facebook messenger. While using this facebook messenger app no need to login & log out each and every time. Messenger make more user-friendly & handy to the facebook. The best thing about it, we can set it all platforms like computer and mobile both. So we started to use it for various purposes according to the work.

So when we started to use facebook messenger. Some time by accidentally we delete our private discussion and later on come to Google and ask so many questions like How to recover deleted messages on facebook messenger iPhone or how to recover deleted facebook messages on Android. While doing this google reply you lot of answers. Where only a few works and others just spoil your time and those who work all are paid version. So here I am going to discuss a simple and quickest free method for how to retrieve deleted messages on facebook messenger app. Just stick with me and look down and follow the entire step. Also, Check How Do I Create Facebook Debug Tools To Resolve Facebook Page Issue.

Steps to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages from Facebook Messenger Recovery tool

Make sure do not skip any step because each and every step solve their own problems. So let’s focus on all steps one by one.

  • The first thing you need to download and install apps from google play store and it named as ES File Explorer File ManagerJust click here to download


  • Now go on Android Folder in your Explorer.

android folder

  • Inside Android folder you will get a Data Folder, just click on.

data folder

  • Now in data Folder just click on Facebook Folder.

facebook folder

  • Now in Facebook Folder you will find fb_temp, just click on.

fb temp

    • In fb_temp this folder facebook directly restores all facebook messages. You can use this file to recover your all facebook messages.

Final Word Facebook Messenger Recovery tool

I hope you followed all the steps carefully. Now you check you’re all chats, images, and video. This is a great way to recover your all-important file. While using the app you will see many more options, which help you to apply also in other works. You can call this app as a multipurpose app.

Suppose if you find any problem in between the process. So just let me know by replying to the comment box. Thanks for reading this article I hope this tutorial will short out your issue that How to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages from Facebook Messenger Recovery tool”

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