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How Do I Create Facebook Debug Tools To Resolve Facebook Page Issue

by Adam Smith

Create Facebook Debug Tools

Now the question is How do I Create Facebook debug tools?  Let’s get some idea about it first. So If you have updated your Facebook Social Setting or Metadata and you are not able to see your updated detail on facebook yet, then you might need to force update Facebook’s cache on the Facebook page. Also, Check How to Create A Facebook GroupTo do that, just open facebook debug tools, here what you need to do is, just enter your URL and click scrape again. Also, read Hack Facebook AccountAfter that, you should follow steps but firstly keep some little knowledge about Facebook debug tools?

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What is facebook debug tools?

Facebook debug tools is the very useful tools of Facebook, sometimes we create a WordPress website and for the sake of adverting or by any other reason we wish to publish those written post on facebook in order to increase popularity with friend or society. But because of some reason, we could not able to publish those post on facebook.  Many times the problem comes in order to link your WordPress and facebook like “your image section or broken link etc”. So let’s discuss fixing this problem.

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Here you have to follow every 7 steps very carefully.

  •  Go to the facebook debug tools,
  • Just enter your URL, which you wish to update.
  • debug buttom
    • Click on Debug Button– when you open facebook debug tools in right-hand side you can Debug Button, just click on debug button.
    • Under ‘When and how we last scraped the URL”, click ‘Scrape Again’.
  • create debug tools

debug bottom


debug bottom

  • Now just check your Link Preview in this working, it means you have done right. If not working then follow next step again.

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  • Check the ‘Warnings That Should Be Fixed’ section for any errors. Fix errors and repeat these steps.
  • If there are no warnings to be fixed, click on ‘Show All Raw Tags’ to review the actual information Facebook received.

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