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Explore the Role of Ocean Cargo Forwarder

by Ruchir

Some businesses will book and manage ocean freight through a third party defined as a freight forwarder or ocean cargo forwarder. The organization offers all shipping details to these freight forwarding companies, including commodity, lane, and timeframe. The freight forwarders then book the ocean freight (or other modes) for the organization, going to be responsible for shipment timing and logistic support.

Major Challenging Confronting in Booking Ocean Cargo Forwarder:

Incorrect or late documents can prevent your container from being loaded onto the vessel, causing your shipment to be delayed, resulting in high demurrage charges and a negative impact on customer satisfaction and profits. The Importer Security Filing (ISF) documentation, for example, is due 24 hours before the vessel’s departure. The container will not be stocked onto the ship if it is not completed correctly and filed on time.

Coordination among parties, as well as confinement and shipping delays fees, are major challenges in document management.

Coordination across Parties

Shipping documents frequently actually require the collaboration, review, and approval of multiple parties. These could be coworkers from the various department within the same or different organizations, such as freight forwarders of ocean cargo forwarders, banks, and customs brokers.

How does ocean freight visibility create business value?

According to a survey of senior supply chain leaders, 50% of respondents used a completely manual freight management operation. This implies that businesses have the opportunity to use visibility to create business value.

What kind of return on investment can businesses expect from an ocean visibility solution? Lower freight costs, increased margins, customer satisfaction, improved employee satisfaction, and enhanced optimization can all be projected.

What attributes should you consider in an ocean freight visibility platform?

When looking for an ocean freight management platform or ocean cargo forwarder, make sure it has the following features:

  • True end-to-end visibility throughout the entire ocean journey 
  • Visibility into multidimensional legs of the journey and transshipment ports
  • Dynamic, predictive ETAs
  • An electronic document hub for all of your ocean and international freight documents.
  • Dashboards and actionable data on holdup and delays fine accumulation
  • Visibility into the rate and booking process, whether you book with a freight forwarder or on your own.

How do they offer More Flexibility?

Ocean freight or ocean cargo forwarder provides greater flexibility: Ocean freight provides greater flexibility to supply chain leaders, with fewer restrictions than other modes of transportation. Transport safety regulations differ depending on international and national laws, individual carrier regulations, and carrier organization regulations. These regulations define and limit which goods require extra precaution and are considered more dangerous across various modes of transportation. A wide range of products is not air-cargo compatible as a result of these regulations.

Products that pose a health risk to the public are flammable or contain toxic, corrosive, magnetic, or biochemical substances that cannot be safely shipped via air cargo, making ocean freight viable ideas for businesses in a variety of industries. Ocean freight handles everything from beauty products like fragrances and hair sprays to everyday items like cleaners and light bulbs to consumer electronics like smartphones.

Final Verdict:

The cargo forwarder is used by businesses to ship approximately 60% of all global product shipments via container. Ocean freight is an economical mode of transportation irrespectively of shipment size or volume. Containers can facilitate business needs, whether they are small or large in volume. Ocean freight is well-known for its reasonable rates for international shipping.

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